NH Senator Jeb Bradley

NH GOP Elected Politicians – Trust? We don’t need to build Trust. What a quaint idea you have!

by Skip May 14, 2018

And then some high up GOPe-er rants about “We need to reverse the trend of voters preferring Democrats over Republicans“? Sorry, I’ve already digressed; that will be another series of posts. But keep it in mind as you read the following. And they wonder why I added the word “Snarl” to my blogging vocabulary because […]

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Two take-aways from NH’s “opting out” of the all but mandatory paid family medical leave act HB 628

by Skip April 27, 2018

From the UL, Jeb Bradley seems to want to out do Donald Kreis in a given intellectual proposition (a few fries less than a current Happy Meal): In the week before the bill came up for Senate committee review, however, he issued a letter in opposition. The program as proposed called for payroll deductions except for […]

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