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I guess opponents of HB 620 never read the NH Constitution from the get-go?

by Skip March 8, 2017

[Art.] 28. [Taxes, by Whom Levied.] No subsidy, charge, tax, impost, or duty, shall be established, fixed, laid, or levied, under any pretext whatsoever, without the consent of the people, or their representatives in the legislature, or authority derived from that body. And it looks like those in the Legislature have decided that the State […]

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Medical Marijuana users in NH lose 2nd Amendment Rights

by Kimberly Morin August 15, 2016
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On Thursday the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced that it will not consider marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes at the federal level. Although there have beennumerous studies that show marijuana to be helpful for certain medical diseases and issues, the Federal Department of Agriculture has not agreed with these studies and therefore will […]

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Steven Woitkun Voted to Protect Big Labor

by Kimberly Morin June 12, 2016

Over the past several weeks, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) of New Hampshire has been canvassing neighborhoods across the state targeting representatives who voted against ‘Right to Work’. Examiner caught up with them in Fremont where they were targeting Steven Woitkun for voting against workers’ rights and for big labor.

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Hassan and NH Bureaucrats know better than your doctor how to treat your pain

by Kimberly Morin April 29, 2016

Yesterday Governor Hassan sent a press release touting her signage of the new legislation regarding rule making in the prescriptions of opioids. Suddenly Maggie Hassan and her cohorts in crime in the house and senate (from both political parties) know better than your doctor how to treat your pain. Hassan must have gotten a medical […]

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New Hampshire’s Medicaid Expansion fraud: Granite Staters will pay the price

by Kimberly Morin January 29, 2016

Yesterday the New Hampshire House Health and Human Services Committee held a public hearing on re-authorizing Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion (they renamed it to the Health Protection Plan because a majority of Granite Staters disapprove of Obamacare). The hearing was to discuss House Bill 1696 which re-authorizes Medicaid Expansion through 2020. The original plan was supposed […]

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Fetal Homicide Bill Dies in Committee of Conference

by Jane Cormier June 20, 2015

On, Thursday June 18, SB 40 died a natural death in the Sen. Carson-led Committee of Conference. Rather than to seriously entertain amendments brought to the table by Rep. Rideout which would mitigate the HORRIBLE language in SB 40 of “extrauterine survival”, the REPUBLICAN committee dashed the bill. Rep. Leon Rideout and Rep. John Burt […]

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Guest post by Rep. Bill O’Brien: New Hampshire Supreme Court’s Decision in Duncan v. State of New Hampshire

by Skip September 2, 2014

This came in on Thursday and missed it first go around – apologies: Speaker Candidate Rep. William O’Brien’s Statement on the New Hampshire Supreme Court’s Decision in Duncan v. State of New Hampshire Contact:               Rep. William O’Brien Tel. (603) 620-8710 Email: WilliamLOBrien@gmail.com In 2012 the New Hampshire legislature overrode Democrat Gov. Lynch’s veto and […]

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BCRC – Walt Havenstein Q&A: Q1-what would you do if Feds passed a magazine capacity bill?

by Skip July 11, 2014

After Walt Havenstein gave his talk to the Belknap County Republicans, he was willing to participate in a Question and Answer session.  A few were hard questions, some not as hard. Question 1: As NH Governor, what would your response be if the Federal Government passed legislation on maximum magazine capacities? Response (in part): he […]

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NH Legislature Seeks to ‘Maximize’ Benefits of 1st in Nation Primary100th Anniversary

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2014
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Manchester Union Leader At a public hearing on House Bill 1400 Tuesday, Norelli told the House Election Law Committee the state’s first-in-the-nation primary is a source of great pride and has put New Hampshire at the center of many historic events. “The formation of this commission is an important step to position our state to […]

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by Susan Olsen June 4, 2013

From today’s Concord Fish Wrap:  

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Shurtleff Defends Stand Your Ground Repeal In The Union Leader

by Rick Olson March 30, 2013

“There is hardly any mental misery worse than that of having our own serious phrases, our own rooted beliefs, caricatured by a charlatan or a hireling.”  —George Eliot Last Monday, Steve Shurtleff wrote an op-ed in advocacy for his bill to repeal stand your ground. He tells several lies, makes completely inaccurate statements and could […]

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Scared Shurtleff

by Susan Olsen February 5, 2013

Deputy Dawg Stephen Shurtleff, the same who wants to limit our ability to defend ourselves against bad guys, appears happy to let drunks aim their cars at us. House Bill 496 would restore ‘limited driving privileges for eligible first-time DWI offenders to facilitate employment, rehabilitation, and medical treatment.’  

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by Rick Olson January 27, 2012

“A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have….”—Sen. Barry Goldwater Representative Marshall E. “Lee” Quandt, Rockingham District 13 is this week’s RINO OF THE WEEK.  Representative Quandt tends to be “Clintonista” with his navigation of the New Hampshire political Fabric and […]

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NH Legislature: Who is the RINO of the Year?

by Rick Olson January 5, 2012

During the course of 2011, we featured legislators who ran as Republicans but cast votes demonstrating a fealty with the house liberals. Cast your vote on “who” should be the RINO of the Year. [poll id=”3″]

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New Hampshire Wire Tap Laws and the Wheedling Legislature

by Rick Olson December 30, 2011

“All men profess honesty as long as they can. To believe all men honest would be folly. To believe none so is something worse.” —John Quincy Adams Yesterday, a Union Leader Editorial featured commentary about the flaws of New Hampshire’s Wire Tapping and Eavesdropping laws currently in place. The commentary came on the heels of […]

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