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O’Brien Win Theory

by Steve MacDonald November 20, 2014
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Steve Vaillancourt has a few theories over at NH Insider about why Bill O’Brien won the vote for Speaker yesterday.  I found them interesting, figured I’d share a few.. Theory 2—An Republican Rep inside the caucus told me what I’ve suspected all along, that Shawn Jasper, R-Hudson, cost Chandler a handful of votes, certainly enough […]

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Guest Post by C.dog e.doG – “Gas Tax Lisping Fantasticos Just Give Me Gas”

by Skip March 21, 2013

C.dog e.dog is our most prolific commenters here on the ‘Grok who I first “met” over at TreeHugger (the Greenie Statist Enviro site that I go over to poke a stick into once in a while) – and he followed me “home”.  Located somewhere in this Live Free or Die State that we adore, he’s […]

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Ghost of Poznanski Arrest from 2009 Returns

by Steve MacDonald February 20, 2013

Some stories have legs.  This one has at least 44 of them.  That would be both legs of former Democrat New Hampshire House Rep Brian Poznanski’s and the legs of 21 others, all busted for possession of alcohol (under age drinking), at a house party in Bedford, New Hampshire, circa Halloween 2009. Poznanski was newly elected, and had […]

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Nashua New Hampshire Democrat Rep. Cindy Rosenwald – Domiciles Out Of State “Stray Cats” Who Then Vote From Her Home

by Steve MacDonald January 31, 2013

Nashua New Hampshire Democrat Cindy Rosenwald is back in the spotlight.  If you recall, she’s the one who admitted that her party not only knew it had left an 800 million dollar hole in the budget, but they planned to cut spending to fix it.  Well, now we find out that she knew there were […]

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Much Ado About Something

by Steve MacDonald April 25, 2011

“The White House cannot arbitrarily amend federal contractor requirements without a vote in Congress. This is an end-run around the constitutional process, with the Obama Administration once again attempting to implement administratively what it cannot achieve legislatively,” Wilson declared.

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Defining Blue Dog Democrats

by Steve MacDonald March 8, 2011

Once you have written over 1000 of these things, you forget some of the finer points you’ve made. Oh, I don’t mean on positions or policy. I’m a conservative. I base that stuff on a set of fixed standards. Say it 100 different ways but it is still based on the same core values. No, I’m referring to past rhetorical flourishes that strike me as amusing when I come across them. Case in point.

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