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So why is NH State Rep Mark Proulx against the GOP Platform? And against Private Contract? And Self-Agency. Freedom?

by Skip June 14, 2018

It is because of HIM I have to join a union against my will and contra my Freedom! Thanks for nuttin.  In this, you are a totalitarian simply because I want to freely contract with my employer – and you decided to not let me. So what WILL you run on if the Janus vs […]

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Well, NH Rep Sean Morrison (R-Epping) just put himself in line for a RINO of the Week award

by Skip February 10, 2018

Steve correctly singled out the 21 RINOs that decided that a paid Family / Medical Leave (via HB628) is a Proper Role of Government.  One of them, Sean Morrison (bottom row, second from the left (heh!  Left – it fits!) decided to visit the ‘Grok and call us out. That would be NH State Rep […]

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HB 628: The NH RINOS that help NH Dems institute yet another Progressive Social program

by Skip January 10, 2018

This would be the Paid Family Leave Act – something that a few companies have put into action on their own thinking that it was the right thing to do and would possibly given them a competitive advantage a strictly voluntary program.  Well with HB628, we now have a CLASSIC example of a Progressive Govt […]

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Family Paid Leave. Tell me again? What is the difference between the GOP and the Democrats on a “Free Marketplace”?

by Skip October 3, 2017

You know, that thing that we used to have?  Where the participants involved make their own deals and agreements for mutual benefit?  And Government used to just make sure that all of them would live up to their agreements – and not lord over them like Royal Monarchists or Communist apparatchiks in mandating how they […]

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Statistics he NH legislature re: Shawn Jasper & his crew of so-called leadership

by Skip April 25, 2017

Why do you suppose these statistics are true? Rank and File Republicans: When a committee recommendation and the House Republican Alliance (HRA) recommendation differed, the rank and file (non leadership) Republicans followed the HRA on 87% of the votes. When the committee and the NH Liberty Alliance (NHLA) differed, rank and file (non leadership) Republicans […]

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So Sununu is satisfied with a Socialist entitlement? Government – what can’t it do?

by Skip November 21, 2016

That’s what Democrats think, Chris Sununu.  You see, they have totally rejected the Founding Fathers philosophy that our Liberties are most protected when Government, constrained by our Constitutions, stay within the “negative liberties” – what Government CANNOT DO to you.  The flip side is the old European and Socialist model – Government exists to do […]

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So Ersatz Republicans Shawn Jasper and Dick Hinch want to change the NH GOP Platform?

by Skip September 10, 2016

And in the process, run the NH GOP FASTER towards that gorge named Democrat-Lite? A few thoughts on Steve’s post: Will it make any difference?  The NH GOP Leadership, both in the Party and elected politicians, don’t pay much attention to the Platform as it is.  Listen to their words, watch their actions – how […]

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Here is the NH GOP Chair doing the rah-rah for Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

by Skip April 4, 2016

BUMPED: in doing some research (after all, we pretty much talk about all things political so with close to 25,000 posts, the ‘Grok has become its own research center), I came across this where NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn was boosting Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion.  First published on 11/18/2013, it shows that, 3 years later, how […]

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And another one (and another one) bites the dust: Christie and Fiorina

by Skip February 10, 2016

That would be both Chris Christie AND Carly Fiorina – after really disappointing results (and blowing millions of bucks), they have dropped out of the race seeking the Presidency.  TMEW asked me about Carly as she had boasted that she was going all the way as recently as last night; all I could do is […]

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A shot across her bow – what will NH GOP Committeewoman Juliana Bergeron do?

by Skip June 13, 2015

“she has a choice: either avoid discussion of the issue or resign.” Will she listen to the people who know her best, Republicans in Cheshire County, and remove her name?  Decisions have consequences and NH State GOP Committeewoman Bergeron is now learning that her decision to sign an amicus brief with other “Republican luminaries” supporting […]

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Yet another NH Republican calls it quits

by Skip June 13, 2015

Yes, I have been on a bit of a sabbatical lately and it will continue as I realized that life, after 9 years of GraniteGrok, had just tipped way over in being out of balance.  I’ve said often that this hobby, over time, became more of an obsession, and then went beyond and when I […]

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GrokThought: about the NH Senate getting rid of the Medicaid Expansion sunset clause?

by Skip May 9, 2015

“I have been informed me that the Senate plans on ADDING REALID into the budget AND plans on REMOVING the Medicaid Expansion sunset clause.” Again, we are trying to verify our little birdie’s tweet of last nite where it was said that the NH Senate was going to hide an amendment in an existing bill.  Yes, […]

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Steve Duprey – another reason why Walt Havenstein & Scott Brown lost

by Skip May 4, 2015

Why should the grassroots work & fight for NH GOP Leadership that double-crosses them ideologically? OK, a bit of a clickbait title, but it works.  Here’s why: Walt Havenstein lost, in no small part, because he insulted pretty much all of the TEA Party base (re: Conservative, Libertarian) wing of the Party.  Then didn’t like being […]

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Maybe because it is part of the NH GOP Platform, Deputy House Speaker Gene Chandler??

by Skip March 26, 2015

So yesterday, the Republican Leadership trick of stripping out most of a bill (HB 357) and make it a DOT funding bill / Gas Tax increase was severely shamed – the NH House Republicans trounced the attempt of foisting twice the level of the gas tax passed last year (yes, by Republicans, first started in the […]

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“Republicans taking money from unions? Say it ain’t so.”

by Skip March 16, 2015

But that is exactly what Reps. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL)42%, Bob Dold, Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY)26%, David Joyce, Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ)53%, Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ)42%, Rep. David McKinley (R-WV)52%, Rep. Pat Meehan (R-PA)39%, Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA)38%, Aaron Shock, Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID)43%, and David Valdao appear to be. All of them are members of the union-funded Republican Main Street Partnership. They have all […]

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NH House, NH State Senator Jeb Bradley, and Medicaid Expansion – an email never answered

by Skip March 16, 2015

Well, this showed up in the UL yesterday – it looks like the Repubs in the NH House will put a dagger into Jeb’s favorite program made possible with other peoples’ money (correction: dastardly politicians call it “Free money” in hopes you ARE as stupid they think you are – TANSTAFFL and they know it).  […]

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Speaking of Matt Mowers….

by Skip March 9, 2015

From our FAQs: EMAIL Look in the Contact Us to email us. Anything you send is fair game for us and we may use it on the site. Yes, we DID talk about former NH GOP Exec Dir Matt Mowers on GrokTALK! this past Saturday at Liberty Forum.  And now that he is “Governor Chris […]

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This is what happens when the NH GOP doesn’t vet its candidates – Shawn Jasper

by Skip December 4, 2014

And I blame Chair Jennifer Horn, the EBoard, Papa Smurf, and last century’s Republican leaders for setting the table for this absolute fiasco for happening. You caused a split in the caucus between Chandler and O’Brien and create that country lane that Shawn J(ass)per just sauntered up – with Deputy Dawg Shurtleff on one arm and Ray Buckley on […]

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NH GOP – So when are they going to update the voted upon Platform?

by Skip November 11, 2014

NH GOP Leadership – Taking hostage of the NH GOP Platform continues! Update: or maybe not the last one? Update 11/10 – the Last One. For Won they didn’t.  NOW, a week after the election, the NH GOP finally updated its platform…timely, very timely boys and gals.  Ya think it was…..politically motivated?  Couldn’t be, these pristine, […]

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So Kelly Ayotte, is this the Amnesty you have been looking for?

by Skip October 20, 2014

Sorry, but here at the ‘Grok, if you tell us one thing during your campaign for office (adamantly anti-Illegal Alien Amnesty) and then flip on the issue for no discernable reason (other than what the picture shows to your left) (yes, she was then for it after being against it), we tend to take notice […]

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Email Doodlings: NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn, show me where the by-laws prevent the NH GOP from vetting candidates?

by Skip October 14, 2014

It seems that Steve’s post about the 50 RINOs for Peggy Gilmore, the Democrat running for the NH State Senate and my quick thought flashlighting RINO Susan Emerson has provoked some email traffic and I got tagged into one.  The overriding question is “Why doesn’t the NH GOP vet its candidates” followed up by “an” answer, […]

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NH GOP – sending a Ransom Note about the unrevised NH GOP Platform ? Part 4

by Skip October 9, 2014

“This isn’t about being a “good Republican” it is all about being THEIR Republican” Well another techie has let me know that he has contacted the NH GOP to offer his company’s services to fill in any time crunch on the part of the NH GOP and update the NH GOP Platform.  Oh, by the […]

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NH GOP – sending a Ransom Note about the unrevised NH GOP Platform ? Part 3

by Skip October 9, 2014

“When the ‘road-block’ has been cleared we can discuss the election.“ Well back in Part 2, Mark Vincent (NH GOP Area Vice Chair) deflect in an answer back to John (Part 1) – well, the Platform hasn’t been updated because the NH GOP has a lot going on with the election, so get back to work and don’t […]

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So, will the NH GOP blame the Liberty and Freedom wing of the Party if Havenbagger and Brown lose?

by Skip October 9, 2014

Havenbagger – yeah, I chose it specifically for Walt Havenstein.  Can’t take credit for coming up with it but given his absolutely arrogant non-apology for his teabagger comment (for which MANY in the Liberty & Freedom wing of the Party have asked (some even very politely after pointing out the PR harm it will do to […]

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NH GOP – sending a Ransom Note about the unrevised NH GOP Platform ? Side Tangent

by Skip October 7, 2014

From my previous post was this comment / observation: Too busy to update the website with our current standard? I call BS as the site has been updated several times, including removing the abomination they tried to shove down our throats without discussion. Hey, I may got what yer lookin’ fer (2014-Platform—Red-Ruled, 2014-NHRSC-Convention-Rules).  Scraped them, […]

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NH GOP – sending a Ransom Note about the unrevised NH GOP Platform ? Part 2

by Skip October 7, 2014

Subtitle choices: Some Work – Oh gosh, it is just SO hard to update about 50 or so words – stop fidgeting, children! Preoccupied – The gang that can’t chew gum and type straight? Understandable – Don’t you understand that YOUR changes will hurt OUR candidates so we aren’t gonna put it up before the […]

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NH GOP – sending a Ransom Note about the unrevised Platform? Part 1

by Skip October 7, 2014

Trust.  Small word but with large implications and I’ve been writing about and around it for a few months now as it does matter.  Maybe not to our elected leaders much any more, or the Political Class of staffers, talking head pundits, and political operatives that make their livings all within the bubble of politics, […]

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A sincere apology or an F.U. Moment from Walt Havenstein to moi?

by Skip September 25, 2014

This relates back to this story (first here,  commentary from a prior Marine here, deflection here, more commentary from prior Army here, his views on the 9/12 Project and TEA Party here, the “no apology” here, more commentary here, and back to me here).  It brings up a question, a serious question: If it was so […]

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And that is the problem: the Planks can’t support all the elected Rs that don’t support the planks

by Skip September 22, 2014

And, perhaps, the base: Steve Duprey, who has run many Republican campaigns in New Hampshire, predicted Republicans, including Brown, would not be greatly hindered by the new platform. “I know very few Republicans that support every plank of the platform” Especially quite a number of our Very Important elected representatives.  And, very much,  the base […]

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Math is hard….? And so is adhering to The Rule of Law but will the NH GOP do so?

by Skip September 19, 2014

“…Notice of any such meetings shall be mailed to each member at their last known address, at least ten days before the day of the meeting“ Susan’s post pointing out that the NH GOP has royally screwed up by not adhering to its own rules is appropriate.  I have had a number of folks call […]

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