NH GOP Jennifer Horn

A curious statement: “Our party represents the full spectrum of conservatism”

by Skip November 15, 2015

I don’t even know what that means – a full spectrum.  This is from a Union Leader piece on “GOP voters still seeking their conservative candidate” and quoted NH GOP Chair Horn: Jennifer Horn, chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, said every Republican candidate is presenting a stronger vision for America than the Democrats […]

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Blog Observation – the NH GOP Resolution condemning Planned Parenthood

by Skip July 21, 2015

Given the tape of Planned Parenthood negotiating for baby parts / organs from those aborted babies, a lot of people are looking both askance at and deeply into what this “social issue” truly means for our Society.  It IS EVIL, what is going on and what is being done.  Good on the NH GOP, as […]

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NH GOP – So when are they going to update the voted upon Platform?

by Skip November 11, 2014

NH GOP Leadership – Taking hostage of the NH GOP Platform continues! Update: or maybe not the last one? Update 11/10 – the Last One. For Won they didn’t.  NOW, a week after the election, the NH GOP finally updated its platform…timely, very timely boys and gals.  Ya think it was…..politically motivated?  Couldn’t be, these pristine, […]

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Math is hard….? And so is adhering to The Rule of Law but will the NH GOP do so?

by Skip September 19, 2014

“…Notice of any such meetings shall be mailed to each member at their last known address, at least ten days before the day of the meeting“ Susan’s post pointing out that the NH GOP has royally screwed up by not adhering to its own rules is appropriate.  I have had a number of folks call […]

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But isn’t John H Sununu a Republican that attacks Democrats?

by Skip August 21, 2014

The tax problem that Walt Havenstein has, taking a homestead tax credit that he should not have, is certainly making the news.  Yet, I thought this was rather amusing by former NH Gov and former NH GOP Chair John E. Sununu in a “rousing” defense of Havenstein in the UL: Former Gov. John H Sununu, […]

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As always, he’s only got questions and we’ve got answers!

by Skip July 13, 2014

Dunno if I’m right, but I’m, as always, willing to play along.  And, I bet a better than .500 average to boot.  So Political Scoop’s questions (emphasis mine): When will it start to bother the major players in Washington that Scott Brown is down double digits in two polls in a row? I would think […]

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US Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) fires back at Dem US Senators Reid & Schumer

by Skip May 25, 2014

From Hot Air: Senators Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have taken it upon themselves to single out Rep. Steve King on the floor of the Senate for having the courage to stand for We the People against open borders. As we noted yesterday, the party has refused to defend him, and top NRSC aides are […]

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MAYBE they ARE listening – Consistency

by Skip December 13, 2013

FINALLY – a “yay! in that the boat may be swinging about.  We’ve been pounding on NH Republicans and the NH GOP on the truism: Consistency + Trust = Votes (all other things being equal).  But first, you have to ACT Consistently, and talk Consistently, and if you can master that (it really isn’t all […]

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“Breitbart’s rules of war”

by Skip November 4, 2013

Andrew Breitbart – a fighter for Freedom in today’s oppressive Progressivism where the Left believes that it’s role IS to advance soft despotism policies simply because “it good for us and we all don’t realize it”.  He is missed.  Junk Science has a post that includes a lot of his points in fighting what often […]

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No, the responsibility is all Jennifer Horn’s…

by Skip September 19, 2013

I’ve been meaning to get back to this for a while; from WMUR’s Political Standing from 9/6/2013: Kelly Ayotte: She takes the down arrow on behalf of all New Hampshire Republicans. All these problems are now her problem. They are too big, even for NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn. Now there’s a declaration that is about […]

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Er, no.

by Skip September 16, 2013

A non-starter, or should be, for anyone who actually thinks that there really is a purpose to the NH GOP Platform (and by-laws) as opposed to the Gene Chandler Theorem of Being a Republican (“Any Republican that helps us regain power is a good Republican“).  From DiStaso today – what does Brad Cook believe (potential […]

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Email Doodlings – thoughts on Republicans & HB617 from a reader

by Skip February 27, 2013

All kinds of emails come into the Inbox – right now, it can run 300 to 500 per day and I can’t get to them all, or if I do, the sheer volume of stuff just gives me a case of induced ADD (and with TMEW, the Eldest, & the Youngest medically diagnosed with ADHD, […]

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