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Phyllis Woods speaks on Andrew Hemingway

by Tim Condon January 24, 2013

                There are few Republican leaders in New Hampshire as revered and respected as Phyllis Woods. She has served the Party in just about every way possible over many years. About Andrew Hemingway she says “I believe he will bring a fresh new face and a bold new […]

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AN ESSAY: Mark Levin & Andrew Hemingway? Or Mitt Romney & Jennifer Horn?

by Tim Condon January 23, 2013

Strange juxtapositions, you say? Especially when talking about the the race for NH GOP chairman between Jennifer Horn, the “establishment” choice, and Andrew Hemingway, the “Movement Conservative” choice? No, I say, not at all. Levin/Hemingway on the one hand, and Horn/Romney on the other are emblematic of the state of the Republican Party today…both in […]

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“Remember When Ray Buckley Handed Craig Benson a Person of the Year Award”

by Steve MacDonald January 14, 2013

Bipartisanship: When a Democrat lets a Republican do something no Democrat would ever do in Return. Candidate for NH-GOP Chairman Jennifer Horn is slated to hand (now ex) Governor John Lynch the Salvation Army’s Person of the Year Award in February.  If she is elected to the position she will be giving the award–to a […]

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Decisive Flip Flops From Candidate for NH-GOP Chair

by Steve MacDonald January 1, 2013

Given all we know already about Andy Leach (Senator Ayotte’s Office) making calls to candidates running against Jennifer Horn for NH-GOP Chair, who then suddenly dropped out of the race for NHGOP chair leaving Jennifer to run un-opposed, until Andrew Hemingway stepped up, this seems relevant. Candidate Horn, on her Facebook page, provided two updates […]

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Who is Andrew Hemingway?

by Tim Condon December 8, 2012

Who IS this guy? Well, he’s a candidate for chairman of the New Hampshire state Republican Party, and his support appears to be growing among multiple parts of the party, including the rank-and-file. Why? There seems to be a growing recognition that…

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