“I fully support the Second Amendment!” – no you don’t, Mr. Edwards (Republican candidate for NH CD-1)

by Skip September 4, 2018

First, let me state this: Groksters have decided to not put out an endorsement in the Republican Primary race in NH First Congressional District.  We’ve basically said “a pox on both their houses” for the dumpster fire that has become the norm this go around.  We interviewed both; an hour and a half with Andy […]

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Facebook Doodling – more blithering from Andy Martin, the most experienced…

by Skip August 22, 2018

More blithering from Andy Martin who is running as a Republican in NH’s First Congressional District.  He generally thinks he’s a big deal in the races he enters but generally ends up, in real life and in the real results, as a zero.  But he’s well known by the inside-politics people and pretty much, everyone […]

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“Granite Grok” has NOT endorsed a Candidate in New Hampshire CD-1

by Steve MacDonald August 18, 2018

“Granite Grok.com” has NOT endorsed a candidate in New Hampshire Congressional District one (NH CD-1).  Both Eddie Edwards and Andy Sanborn have been interviewed (at great length) by members of our team, but neither candidate has been endorsed. Please also understand that our individual authors are free to write for or against any candidate they […]

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Kevin Landrigan of the Union Leader is blowing it out his other pie-hole – Initial Response….and the Retort

by Skip July 26, 2018

“He’s got Rand Paul, the federal Gun Owners of America, and “the leaders of GraniteGrok” on his side. Some of you already know the outcome of the Union Leader claiming, with no basis whatsoever, that “leaders of GraniteGrok” were already behind Andy Sanborn in the NH CD-1.  That would be me and as I said here, […]

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Pine Tree Ramblings – Vol 10

by Tom July 19, 2018

Leftists (Liberals, Democrats) sure are in a tailspin these days.  And it sure is great to see. They pick these whacky, self-proclaimed Socialist bartenders who can’t function though a media interview.  They have issue-du-jour Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), where each day brings a new “critical issue”, worthy (in their minds) of impeaching the President: Helsinki, […]

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CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion Picnic – Candidates for US Congress in CD-1

by Skip July 9, 2018

Candidates aplenty during the CNHT Picnic (“Old Home Day for Conservatives” – you ought to be there next year!) and with Carol SEIU-Porter retiring (just long enough to get that beefy US Congress retirement plan!), the seat is wide open.  Boy, is it wide open: 6 Republicans – Michael Callis, Bruce Crochetiere, Jeffory W. Denaro, Eddie […]

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Mindi Messmer threatens violence and hatred

by Skip June 25, 2018

Mindi Messmer, Democrat running for Congress in NH, mistakes her hatred and intolerance for “moral superiority” in Othering her political opponents: Suffice it to say, Democrat Mindi Messmer doesn’t have the courage of her convictions – she deleted this tweet. Craven that – Ch  No matter, we have it and we also know that she […]

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NHCMP Endorses Eddie Edwards for Congress in NH CD-1

by Op-Ed June 19, 2018

By Kevin McHugh NH Conservative Majority Project (NHCMP) proudly endorses Eddie Edwards in the CD-1 GOP Primary. Eddie is a principled conservative and strong supporter of individual liberty, low taxes, fiscal responsibility and standing up for our 2nd Amendment rights. As a  Navy veteran, police chief, and successful small business owner, Eddie has the knowledge […]

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Son of Sanders Has a Lackluster Congressional Campaign in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald June 11, 2018

Levi ‘s Sander’s is running for Congress in New Hampshire. And he says, “we’re reaching out to a lot of low income and working class folks. I’m starting to get a good group of folks in New Hampshire, and I’m feeling very good.” But no one else is feeling the vibe. Sanders grabbed national headlines in late […]

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GraniteGrok reports: Annual Belknap County GOP Lake Winnipesaukee Cruise – Eddie Edwards

by Skip June 2, 2018

Every year the Belknap County GOP has their annual fundraiser on the M/S Mt. Washington that cruises Lake Winnipesaukee.  People talk, they eat dinner, they talk some more, candidates for various offices get a chance to speak, political activists are still talking, more candidates, political activists still talk….you get the picture. This year, the candidates […]

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Nine Democrats Running in NHCD-1 Primary – Not One Will Admit to Supporting Pelosi

by Steve MacDonald May 10, 2018

Fear of political retribution for supporting one of the most unliked Democrats in modern history has prompted all nine of the primary contestants in the Democrats to Replace Shea-Porter CD-1 fashion who to shun the political stylings of party Leader Nancy Pelosi. Michael Graham, writing at Inside Sources, observes that, while they appear to cover the spectrum of […]

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Levi Sanders Challenges NH Democrats To Run Left- Can They Keep Up?

by Steve MacDonald March 27, 2018

I’m not picking sides in CD-1 (on the Republican side), but the race is still interesting. When Levi Sanders hinted at and then promptly entered that race a day later as a Democrat I think he did so with the number one seed. He’s the guy to beat. And he’s just like Dad, or maybe […]

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GrokTV Interview: Mark Hounsell – US Congress in NH CD01

by Skip March 13, 2018

In addition to the other interviews from the 4th Annual Women’s Defense League of NH gun rally, Mark Hounsell (a current Carroll County Commissioner, Conway School Board member, and former NH State Senator) recognized me and chatted for a few minutes about his run for US Congress in NH’s First Congressional District: His blogsite is […]

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Democrat Chris Pappas is Running for Congress in NH CD-1

by Steve MacDonald November 10, 2017

The speculation is over. (I confess I forgot he was considering it.) Executive Councilor Chris Pappas is going to run for Congress in New Hampshire Congressional District one. He’s joining at least four other Democrats to succeed Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, who is stepping down after her term ends. Former AFL-CIO head Mark MacKenzie, former […]

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Is Shea-Porter Running For Congress?

by Steve MacDonald October 6, 2016

It’s not supposed to be Press Release Day, but this one caught my eye. Carol SEIU-Porter is the Democrat candidate for the US House in NH district one who many years ago, showed up everywhere for everything to get elected to office. Now, I guess, she and her party just assume she is entitled to it […]

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While We’re Asking Questions About Dan Innis

by Steve MacDonald June 12, 2014
Thumbnail image for While We’re Asking Questions About Dan Innis

Yesterday I hinted that Dan Innis, who is running for congress in New Hampshire’s Congressional District 1, should probably be running as a Democrat–but can’t.  He’s got progressive positions, has been a registered Democrat voter, supported a far left Democrat candidate, but has chosen to run as a Republican. Why? My guess is political influence. […]

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CNHT Straw Poll

by Steve MacDonald July 7, 2012

Todays annual CNHT Picnic (recorded and live streamed by GraniteGrok) comes complete with candidate speeches and a Straw Poll.  This years results are as follows. Governor Lamontagne 52% Smith 29% Babiarz 18% Others 0% NH CD-1 Guinta 57% Parent 28% Kelly 18% Others 0% NHCD-2 Bass 47% Lamare 31% Macia 13% Dziedzc 7% Dean 2%

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Breaking News: Rick Parent is going to challenge Frank Guinta in NH’s First Congressional District.

by Skip June 7, 2012

Rick, a chief engineer on a ship that has been ferrying supplies to our troops in the Middle East, signed on for the campaign yesterday at the NH Secretary of State’s office.  While he ran in the last election cycle, and held good positions on issues, he just did not have the name recognition to […]

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