WaPo Chronicles NH Union Leader’s Loss of Influence

by Steve MacDonald January 25, 2016
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Does this Washington Post piece, explains this? UL endorsed Christie but WMUR poll shows their readers prefer Trump (24%), Rubio (19%) and Bush (17%). #NHpolitics — Steve Mac Donald (@nhstevemacd) January 21, 2016 I think it does. And I know why. While the medium is in decline everywhere, The Union leader used to be…the most […]

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I know they have to make money but isn’t this backwards?

by Skip March 13, 2014

Paywalls.  I’d love to be able to link to a lot more articles but those dang paywalls.  I understand news is not produced for free and in our capitalist system, they should charge what the market can bear.  The problem is that TMEW has already let me know what she is willing to let me […]

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Data Point – It’s almost to the point where nobody cares about newspapers

by Skip June 17, 2013

Hear that, Michael Kitch? Unlike the supposed “demographic death spiral” that Sen. Lindsay “Gramnesty” is predicting for the GOP if we don’t legalize 50 million illegals, this IS a death down slope for this leg of the MSM.  How can you have a biz model where 77% of your consumers don’t know or truly don’t […]

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Paging Bill Binnie – The Nashua Telegraph Is Up For Sale!

by Steve MacDonald December 29, 2012

Bill Binnie has been buying up media in New Hampshire.  WBIN-TV!  He just scooped up some radio stations.  And hey, wouldn’t a major Granite State newspaper be a great edition?  I think so, so how about the Nashua Telegraph? That’s right, the family that owns that liberal bird-cage liner (based out of Pennsylvania–say hi to […]

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Notable Quote(s): James Fenimore Cooper – Double Tap!

by Steve MacDonald September 28, 2012

“Liberty, like equality, is a word more used than understood.  Perfect and absolute liberty is as incompatible with the existence of society, as equality of condition.” And… “If newspapers are useful in overthrowing tyrants, it is only to establish a tyranny of their own.” – James Fenimore Cooper

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