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‘“…insufficient respect” for the Republican establishment.’

by Skip September 14, 2015

This smacks high on both a fawning level of royalty and a big gob of Republican Republicans for the sake of the Republican Party: New York Times columnist David Brooks chastised supporters of Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump for showing “insufficient respect” for the Republican establishment. “It’s like a mutiny, not a campaign,” Brooks said on […]

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Nothing-burger Becomes Something Sauce

by Steve MacDonald June 8, 2015
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Hillary is chauffeured everywhere she goes so no driving record for her, but if there was something there, would some outside group like American Bridge be the one on record for having dug it up like they did for Rubio? Hilarious journalistic undertaking makes its way around the internet, is subjected to wholly justified mockery, […]

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No Problem: NYT Reporter outs Ferguson cop Wilson’s address. Problem: Her address gets outed

by Skip December 2, 2014

One does have to wonder why a reporter, after putting resigned Ferguson cop Darren Wilson’s home address info in her story, is upset that her address got outed as well?  After all, journalists have no expectation that they are above the same “action” that they put their own subjects through, right?  Well, Julie Bosman of […]

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And everybody believed Obama’s sneering over their totally lucid foresight

by Skip February 28, 2014

I just don’t understand how the IOC decided to add this one final event to the Winter Olympics – nation invading!  Or was it that have the attention of the world focused on Sochi just wasn’t big enough for Putin?  Today we are seeing that Russian Spetsnatz and other troops coptered / jetted into the […]

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Rose Colored Times

by Scott Morales December 7, 2012

Ah, to have rose colored glasses. I wish I could look at life’s trials and just see lollipops, unicorns, and rainbows (or better yet, their adult counterparts: beer, football, and darkened rendezvous). I’ve made efforts to see lollipops and rainbows before and, once North Korea opens up, I plan on checking out those unicorns too, […]

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How Do You Say “Fast and Furious” In Arabic?

by Steve MacDonald December 6, 2012

Back in the spring, the Arab spring that is, the Libyan Arab Spring to be more precise, the Obama administration had this great idea.  They had this plan where if they let weapons sneak across the border into Libya, and end up in the hands of terrorists, they’d be able to use that as an […]

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What’s Left Is Right – Should Obama Just Resign?

by Steve MacDonald August 13, 2011

Admit it. It has crossed your mind. Obama should resign. Save us all the embarrassment of another stupid speech or the next pandering expose by the propaganda media. And just think of all the money the left would have to spend on a primary, instead of just shoving it all into Barry’s re-election cubby?

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Where’s Condon?

by Steve MacDonald January 27, 2011

Just like Where’s Waldo, we have hidden in this picture from the New York Times article Skip just mentioned below, (Ok ‘hidden’ is the wrong word), Grokster Tim Condon. Can you spot him?

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