New Hampshire Legislature

Heads Up: Here Comes Next Year’s Legislation

by Ellen Kolb September 12, 2017

Legislators gotta legislate. The 2018 process is underway, with legislative service requests (LSRs) now being filed in Concord. House members have until the 22nd to put LSRs into the hopper. The first batch has been posted, and the list will be updated periodically on the General Court web site. LSRs tell you sponsor and topic. […]

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Sexist NH Democrat Reps don’t believe female Independents should have political opinions

by Kimberly Morin July 20, 2014

According to tweets yesterday from Representative  Timothy Horrigan (D –Durham) and   Representative Peter Sullivan (D – Manchester),   women who are Independent voters are not allowed to have their own political opinions.  The latest attack from my 2 favorite left wing NH Political trolls came from a tweet I  re-tweeted back on July 3.  […]

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The latest RLCNH Report shows great legislative strides within reach in Concord

by Tim Condon March 13, 2012

  The latest RLCNH Report is out. It shows that New Hampshire is in many ways leading the entire United States in rejecting the “Blue State” European-socialist model. Just look at some of the issues being voted upon by the State House of Representatives this week, starting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) in regular session: […]

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Here’s the latest RLCNH Report on the State Legislative Session

by Tim Condon March 6, 2012

  RLCNH REPORT for March 6, 2012: TOP ACTION ITEMS Expose TSA Abuses HB 628-FN would allow citizens to report to a police officer on the scene or the county sheriff any invasive search by TSA agents, and that report will be sent to a designated directory for public viewing with the state police. This bill […]

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Clarity and Collective Bargaining?

by Rick Olson April 25, 2011

Continue reading, “Clarity and Collective Bargaining?

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