Natural Right

Still think the Second Amendment DOESN’T exist to protect us from Tyrannical Government?

by Skip April 8, 2013

On a Firefox tab somewhere, I have a couple of posts I wish to comment on this very topic (just can’t seem to find them today) – that America can turn into a Tyrannical Government (especially if Progressives succeed in doing away with the Constitution – the ONLY bulwark we citizens have against an overreaching […]

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And so it begins……….a thought

by Skip January 10, 2013

Remember, Progressives hate women defending themselves.  Why?  Well, Susan just posted another case of “what as bad when Republicans did it, but fine when Democrats do it” – their faux cries of “settled law” (here and here).  Here we see the regressive nature of Democrats in trying to reverse the Natural Right to defend yourself.  […]

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