Nashua’s Property Revaluation Lowers Tax Rate But Not Taxes

by Op-Ed September 15, 2018

Nashua Mayor Donchess is quick to point out that the city had to do its recent property revaluation. It’s state law. And that’s true. He was not ‘unhappy’ to report that as a result, the tax rate will go down. But that’s not good news because the dance is between the tax base and the budget. […]

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GrokTV! Live: NRCC CD2 Debate at Nashua Community College

by Mike August 30, 2018

Streamed live from Nashua Community College with five GOP primary candidates: Steve Negron, Bob Burns, Brian Belanger, Stewart Levenson, Lynne Blankenbeker. Now on Youtube – Enjoy!

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Nashua GOP Steak Out: Matt Schlapp Keynote

by Mike August 26, 2018

The big draw, and the absolute best feature of the NRCC Steak Out this year was the American Conservative Union’s Chairman, Matt Schlapp. The only way to describe his keynote speech was “barn burner.” We hope you agree – enjoy!

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In 2014 Rick Dowd was a Republican for Democrat Peggy Gilmour

by Steve MacDonald August 15, 2018

Peggy Gilmour is a progressive Democrat. She’s very progressive. She worships at all the progressive totems. Speaks the language of the left. She likes more taxes, more regulation, and less local control. In 2014 Nashua Alderman Rick Dowd endorsed Democrat Peggy Gilmour. Dowd was a Republican for Peggy. He supported her instead of an actual Republican, […]

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Nashua Mayor Asks For 4 Million From Surplus None of it For Commuter Rail

by Steve MacDonald August 14, 2018

I guess there are bigger priorities in Nashua than “Choo Choo.” Capital equipment. Playgrounds. Sidewalks. A few ‘plants’ to spiffy up the joint. Work on a community center. Repurposing technology and updating an online dashboard so residents can access information from about city projects and initiatives. Like choo choo? Nashua has four million dollars (leftover) and not a penny […]

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Nashua Didn’t See its “Housing Crisis” Cuz it Was Hiding Behind “The Rail Study”

by Steve MacDonald July 17, 2018

Capistrano has the swallows, and Nashua, New Hampshire has the rail study. Every legislative ‘season’ the transportation doyens staff up the winery so they can wail like banshees about rail-study money. We need 4-million dollars for another rail study. It’s always four million. Since the same people will “study” rail with the same preconceived outcomes as every previous […]

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Event: Pro-Life Rally Outside “Press Conference Promoting Abortion”

by Op-Ed July 1, 2018

EVENT Steve Marchand, candidate for governor of New Hampshire, is holding a “Protecting Legal Abortion” press conference on Tuesday morning, July 3 at Nashua City Hall. Please join us at we rally for Life and against the culture of death in the plaza in front of Nashua City Hall, 229 Main Street from 10:30 to […]

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Nashua Regional Planning Commission Fishing For Commuter Rail

by Steve MacDonald March 15, 2018

Regional Planning Commissions are unaccountable bodies of busy-bodies who operate outside the usual rules for political interference in your day to day life. They get access to and spend public money, and can serve as a pipeline for Federal political class priorities. They are also notoriously progressive, so when the Nashua Regional Planning Commission sets up […]

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Nashua Rep Jan Schmidt Lies About and Defends, Assault of Citizen by Fellow Dem

by Kimberly Morin January 7, 2018

On Friday, a Letter to the Editor appeared in the Concord Monitor that explains why New Hampshire Representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord) should resign after pleading guilty to assaulting a citizen. A majority of Granite Staters, including Democrats, believe Rogers should resign. New Hampshire House Representative Jan Schmidt (D-Nashua) decided to comment on the LTE and […]

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Nashua Alderman Vote Unanimously to Spend Other People’s Money

by Steve MacDonald October 11, 2017

A Rhode Island Company has convinced the city of Nashua to spend your money. According to NHPR’s incorrectly named article “Nashua Alderman Unanimously Approve Commuter Rail Memorandum,” The Tuesday night unanimous approval of the memorandum of understanding means the city can begin work immediately with the Rhode Island-based Boston Surface Railroad Co to create a detailed plan. I […]

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At Least We Know What He Meant by ‘Piece’

by Steve MacDonald July 14, 2017

Man allegedly shows his “piece” to an underage girl. It turns out it is not paradise after all. (NH1) NASHUA — The operator of a Nashua spray tanning business is accused of exposing his penis to a female juvenile while giving her a spray tan. Police received a complaint Tuesday that David Clark, 48, of 6 […]

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What Does Keeping the Paris Agreement Alive Actually Mean?

by Steve MacDonald July 13, 2017

From the EU to California to Nashua and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, politicians and pundits are promising to keep the Paris Agreement alive despite President Trump’s exit. But what does that actually mean? It depends. If you’re Turkey, it means you expect bitter Paris Accord clingers to write you a check to pay for the cost of compliance. If […]

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Police Have to ‘Jeff Woodburn’ a Bear in Nashua

by Steve MacDonald July 4, 2017

Nashua Police had to ‘Jeff Woodburn’ a bear Monday evening to save the North Country from the burden of another southern-tier forced wildlife refugee relocation. It’s the only sort of “refugee” the Democrat opposes. NASHUA, N.H. —Nashua Police said they put down a bear Monday evening. The bear was shot around 9:30 p.m. in the […]

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On Paris The NH Democrat Delegation Sides With Big Oil

by Steve MacDonald June 19, 2017

When Donald Trump announced his administration’s departure from the Paris Climate Accords the usual suspects came out and said the usual things. The Democrats, environmental left, and the media have been grinding their anti-Trump axes on this for weeks, all the while forgetting to mention how they are also siding with Big Oil. Big Oil does […]

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Nashua Democrat with HRA Score of 2.3% Declares She is a Republican

by Steve MacDonald April 22, 2017

Hillsborough District 30 New Hampshire Democrat Mariellen MacKay has changed her party affiliation. From now on she’d like to be called a Republican. But there’s a problem. The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (NHHRA) which tracks legislators votes based on their adherence to the Republican Party platform reports that of the 43 votes they have followed in […]

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Nashua Representative Patricia Klee calls victim of PRL abuse a ‘liar’

by Kimberly Morin February 7, 2017

Yesterday, Political Buzz received several emails from readers that came from one of their New Hampshire State Representatives, Democrat Patricia Klee. The freshman representative made some outrageous statements about a story that was presented as testimony during the hearings for Senate Bill 12, a bill that would end the admitted abuse of New Hampshire citizens […]

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by Steve MacDonald December 31, 2016

LSR 2017-0950 from State Senator Bette Lasky requests “a general fund appropriation for continued project development for the capital rail corridor.” She wants money for another rail study. We’ve had more of those than I care to count. But Lasky represents Nashua, and Nashua wants someone to pay for another rail study. And Lasky is a Democrat. And […]

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Taxes for services or taxes for pensions

by Skip December 29, 2016

The entire purpose of Government is providing services to its citizens.  We can quibble or argue over what services and in what quantity but they must be paid for. It is becoming increasingly clear that services must be paid for in the now but that past services are ALSO being paid for now and in […]

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Is this in the future of NH’s cities of Manchester and Nashua?

by Skip June 6, 2016

Shot: The International Institute of New Hampshire’s proposed caseload is for 225 individuals – 170 individuals or 25-35 families in Manchester, and 55 individuals or 10-15 families in Nashua. Ascentria Community Service’s [ formerly known as Lutheran Social Services; guess they “burnt” that name out like Progressives did with Liberals -Skip] proposed caseload is 270 individuals: 135 […]

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Has Nashua Democrat Rep. Ken Gidge Found a Magic Money Tree?

by Steve MacDonald May 8, 2016
Thumbnail image for Has Nashua Democrat Rep. Ken Gidge Found a Magic Money Tree?

Front page, Union Leader. The Nashua Delegation to the New Hampshire House don’t get no respect. Someone cut the money for yet another (other, other) rail study from the transportation budget and they are unhappy. As a preventative to future acts of injustice ‘Nashua’ is considering a hired gun. A paid lobbyist to…do what the Nashua […]

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When Your Neighbors Become A Deliberate Nuisance

by Rick Olson May 3, 2016

“The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people.” ? G.K. Chesterton Neighbors can sometimes be a pain in the arse. There are some that will do things that will deliberately and gratuitously aggravate their other neighbors. These crafty folks like to […]

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A Craft Beer Store in Nashua Needs Your help!

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2016
Thumbnail image for A Craft Beer Store in Nashua Needs Your help!

A Craft Beer Store in Nashua Needs your help! A few weeks ago the temperature controller in our walk-in cooler malfunctioned. We believe the temp was stuck at 20 degrees for several hours. Most of the beer froze or turned to slush. Because of oxidation we lost the entire inventory, about $6000. That is a […]

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Have You Seen This Woman

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2016
Thumbnail image for Have You Seen This Woman

We are looking for information about a woman who appears as an Election official in Nashua, New Hampshire during Tuesday’s NH Primary.

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What The Manchester Paper Will Not Report

by Ed Naile December 29, 2015

Hey, I tried. Last night I thought I would visit the Trump Phenomenon in person at a school in Nashua , doors open at 5 pm. I was stuck in traffic starting about a mile from the road the school is on. When I made it to my left turn towards the school parking lot […]

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Bill ‘serial sexual assaulter’ Clinton to stump for victimizer wife Hillary

by Kimberly Morin December 29, 2015

Yesterday it was announced that former President Bill Clinton, accused by multiple women of sexual assault and rape, will be stumping in Exeter and Nashua on January 4th for his wife. Apparently Hillary Clinton isn’t doing so great against Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire polling so she wants to bring in a Democrat that many still […]

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Did Nashua violate New Hampshire Election laws?

by Kimberly Morin November 4, 2015

Last night was the city of Nashua’s local elections. Most winners were announced after votes were tallied except in one area, the school board. The school board was a bit of a contentious race because there were five seats and five candidates running but they weren’t union-backed candidates. The unions waged a write-in campaign. After […]

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Tomorrow on GrokTALK! – Live from the RLC Convention

by Steve MacDonald October 9, 2015
Thumbnail image for Tomorrow on GrokTALK! – Live from the RLC Convention

Tomorrow, Gorktober continues as we broadcast live from the Republican Liberty Caucus National Convention at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire. The convention runs Thursday to Sunday, and we appreciate them making space for us on Saturday morning. Our “guest list” will be dependent on who comes to speak with us or whom […]

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Governor Rick Perry – Cookout Speech 2.0

by Steve MacDonald June 8, 2015
Thumbnail image for Governor Rick Perry  – Cookout Speech 2.0

This is the same Perry speech as posted here, but with better video – as in “a tighter shot.”  This is just the introduction and the speech, no crowd shots or other angles–Mike covered all that below. The audio is ripped out of Mike’s iPad version due to a technical problem.  (The video technician, me, […]

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Scott Walker Addresses NH Activists at FITN

by Mike May 19, 2015

This event on the Saturday of the NHGOP “First In The Nation” event was originally billed as a private meeting, but the invited group had swollen to over 40 by the time the Governor entered. After checking with my sponsor, and observing other cameras at work – I recorded the event. Please note that the […]

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603 Alliance Grassroots Summit Live Stream

by Steve MacDonald April 19, 2015

We are streaming live from the 603 Alliance Grassroots Summit at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua NH. (List of speakers here) Event is from 9:30 am to 3pm EST Video Live Stream Live broadcast by UstreamIf you don’t see it here, you can always watch it at here.  

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