What About Life? NH House, Not Interested in Protecting Viable Babies.

by Steve MacDonald March 23, 2018

Ellen Kolb, reporting at Leaven for the Loaf, has an update on how Life Bills fared in the New Hampshire House. Lousy. HB1680, which would prohibit the termination of a viable fetus, which no majority of Democrats would ever vote for under pain of punishment from the party inquisitors still failed to advance despite a […]

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Playing Catch up Part 6 – Progressive avoiding their Narrative getting crushed

by Skip October 23, 2017

LifeHacker is a place I go to because, well, tips on how to “hack” your life to save time and money – and cute tricks and sometimes just nerdy type stuff in a pop culture kinda of way. Or, at least that’s what it used to be. As SWJs are taking over as writers at the site, […]

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Narrative: ALL of the Sunday programs lied about the “counter-protesters”

by Skip August 14, 2017

“Mr. President, do you want the support of these white nationalists groups that say that they support you? Mr. President? Have you denounced strongly enough?” – Female report at Presser, Meet the Press 0:07 It takes at least two sides to create a conflict. Not one, two.  Watching the Sunday shows you might believe that […]

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Notable Quote – Peter Kirsanow

by Skip July 18, 2017

The Republican agenda is stuck in neutral in part because of the tendency by Beltway Republicans and some conservatives to play by the rules established by the media and progressives, the flouting of which were a contributing factor in Donald Trump’s electoral victories. The health-care fiasco, though not foreordained, was eminently predictable once Republicans essentially […]

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Bias in journalism much?

by Skip February 13, 2017

Normally I do like the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, as it reports on a lot of items that the US MSM won’t – and if the MSM does, the Daily Mail generally has more facts and less political correctness than its American brethren.  This time, not so much. SHOT: The not-for-profit American Civil Liberties […]

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2016 Still not the Hottest (or even 2nd hottest) Year “On Record”

by Steve MacDonald January 15, 2017

Most of the headlines claiming that any recent year is the ‘Hottest on Record’ are fake news. Fake climate news that is. It’s all spin. First, the ‘record’ they refer to is the satellite record. The satellite record is 46 years old, beginning around the same time experts promised us a new ice age, falling […]

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Even Politifact Can’t Create Cover for Hillary’s Latest Lie…Yet.

by Steve MacDonald December 21, 2015
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The Pantsuitress (That could be a Hillary Clinton super-villain name) lied again last Saturday. She stated that Donald Trump’s words about Muslims are being used by ISIS to recruit. It is not true and even Politifact has had to admit as much. But is that the story? Is another Hillary lie news or is the story how her […]

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“The Blindness of the Ideologically Bound”

by Susan Olsen June 18, 2015

“If someone’s sneering at the notion of “objective truth,” it usually means they’re planning to lie.” – Glenn Reynolds “Truth is determined in relation to reality. If a fact is objectively true, if it can be verified according to evidence, or tested in a laboratory, or otherwise shown to be actually (rather than merely claimed […]

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It Depends on What the Word “Interview” Means….

by Steve MacDonald June 4, 2015
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The Obama campaign controlled the message in 2008 by directing reporters to scripted YouTube statements. From Texas Southern U, hosting HRC Thursday: "There will NO opportunities to interview Hillary Clinton; her speech will be her interview" — Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) June 3, 2015 Ace

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Yup, just keep on doing whatcha doin’, change nothing, and I’d be pleased

by Skip February 26, 2015

The post title summarizes it well: Dem Governors respond to 2014 drubbing: We’re not changing a thing …Shumlin is right, however, that Obama’s job approval ratings have rebounded slightly. That should be cold comfort for Democrats. According to the Democratic Party “autopsy” released this week, the president’s party has lost 13 Senate seats, 69 House seats, and […]

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CNN Keeps The Narrative Alive. ALIVE!

by Steve MacDonald January 7, 2015
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Remember that awful, horrible, just awful YouTube Video?  The one that for two weeks was the focus of the Obama Administrations explanation for the ‘spontaneous’ attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi?  The one they lied about for weeks?  Yeah, that one. WMUR News 9 has just posted a story from CNN on the Terrorist […]

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A Bump On The Road To Unity

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2013

As a Blogger I am encouraged by the calls for unity from the NH-GOP leadership.  But I do not believe they have a clue about how to get there from here.  And blaming bloggers is clearly not the answer.  In fact, it is exactly the opposite of “the answer.”  I make that quite clear in […]

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The Union Narrative on The Arrest Of Walker Supporter at Barret-Clinton Event

by Steve MacDonald June 3, 2012

I’ve received a few comments on my previous post about the Barret rally at which a US Marine protester was removed and arrested.  The commenters are making a case that David Willoughby was cursing and presented a threat to the Mayor and former President Clinton, which the Milwaukee Police News documents as follows. David B. […]

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NH Dems Target ‘Free State Project.’

by Steve MacDonald October 11, 2011

It sounds like the folks at the Suckley (Sullivan/Buckley) School for Orwellian Linguistics are using peoples lack of knowledge about the liberty movement to frighten them out of voting for anyone they can label as a Free Stater.

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I’d Check with Ray or The SEA

by Steve MacDonald September 20, 2011

Tactics are everything for Democrats and nothing is beyond the pale. Just think Project Gunrunner in which a lefGraffitit wing narrative about American guns in the hands of Mexican drug lords is brought to life by the Obama Administration when facts failed to support the desired conclusion. So when I read this report this morning, of racially tinged graffiti painted on several houses in Concord, I got suspicious.

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