Nancy Pelosi

But the US House Democrats STILL elected her as the Minority Leader….again?

by Skip December 7, 2016

That would be Nancy Pelosi who has presided over the cratering of the Democrat hold on the US House and have become basically neutered (which is why I have little angst that both of my NH House seats are filled by two Democrat harpies (Maggie “The Red” Hassan and Annie “I’m more Progressive than you!” […]

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Nancy Pelosi for Minority Leader

by Steve MacDonald November 18, 2016

Hew Hampshire Democrat Rubber Stamps Carol Shea-Porter and Ann McLane Kuster can be counted on to choose Nancy Pelosi to lead the Democrats in Congress, and this is good. We want Nancy to continue to be the face of House Democrats in DC. “[T]he [Democrat] party has hemorrhaged over 60 House seats in the past […]

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Nancy Pelosi is a Hateful, Ignorant, Bigoted and Sexist B*TCH

by Kimberly Morin July 27, 2016

Today during an interview with PBS News Hour, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) made an absolutely ridiculous and outrageous statement about white non-college educated men and the reasons they don’t support Hillary Clinton.

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First David Corn and now…..Nancy Pelosi????

by Skip January 27, 2015

When David Corn, a far Left Progressive writing at  Mother Jones, said that Mitt Romney was (in so many words) a closet Progressive, it left me rather unenthused. After all, a Progressive wanting Mitt – this is what I as a “base” Conservatarian, wants to hear about a guy that I resignedly voted for in the […]

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Still, Progressives don’t understand why we don’t accept their “brilliance”?

by Skip August 6, 2014

Africa is now a country! Yeah, such a show of brilliance!  For their underlying philosophy is that Government is FULL of smarter people than the rest of us “little people” who not only need but WANT them to lead us.  And that these folks are totally non-partisan to boot. Snort!  First we get our esteemed […]

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Nancy McLane Pelosi Kuster?

by Steve MacDonald April 28, 2014
Thumbnail image for Nancy McLane Pelosi Kuster?

Someone should ask Ann (eeee) Kuster why Nanc (eeee) Pelos (eeee) is fundraising for her… (I wonder if it is the ‘eeee’ sound.  You know ‘Eeeee,’ as in Benghazi?) Now, Speaker Boehner and national Republicans are ready to relentlessly flood New Hampshire airwaves with nasty attacks against her. If we want to win this race, […]

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Obama Care is Just Another Laser Pointer And You Are All Cats.

by Steve MacDonald July 16, 2013

I recently reiterated my oft-said point on GrokTALK! this week that you can’t be a principled Republican and support unions; voting against Right to Work for example mandates employee funding of the Democrat machine and everything it tries to destroy.  And Obama Care was just the biggest, most recent example.  Unions were all in.  They […]

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Madam Pelosi, a job’s “dignity” comes from doing it right.

by Skip February 17, 2013

  Rasmussen: Even after going along with President Obama and compromising on a deal to avoid the end-of-the-year “fiscal cliff,” Congress receives good or excellent marks for its job performance from just nine percent (9%) of Likely U.S. Voters. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 64% give the nation’s legislators poor marks. […]

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Talking Head Show Doodlings – Assorted

by Skip February 10, 2013

I DVR and watch the “Talking Head Sunday Morning shows” like Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, and even WUMR’s Closeup”; why?  Somebody is bound and determined to say something stupid.  Well, it is still early and have only gone through Fox New Sunday, but Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did not disappoint.  In […]

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Reality Check: NH Democrat’s Nancy Pelosi Values are not New Hampshire Values

by Steve MacDonald October 2, 2012

Democrats have tried to lay claim to New Hampshire values but that’s not going to happen.  New Hampshire is about liberty, Live free or Die, local control, small government, and no broad based taxes, just like the TEA party.  Tea Party values are about defending the Constitution and rule of law, small and accountable government, […]

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Outsourcer in Chief

by Steve MacDonald July 12, 2012

Hey, Obama Started it.  Let’s finish it for Him. Democrat Nancy Pelosi may have as much as 5 million dollars outsourced to offshore investments.  And there are other Obama insiders coming under scrutiny.  My guess is that we’ll find enough skeletons to knock this latest distraction off the table like all the previous ones, in […]

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Nancy Pelosi – Slow And Furious

by Steve MacDonald June 29, 2012

Credit: AF Branco c/o All Right Magazine

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Mental Recrement 5-31-12 “Got Big Plans?”

by Steve MacDonald May 31, 2012

  Got Big Plans?  The United States Senate Federal Credit Union would like to help you save for them.  Even if they happen to be…um…large firm breasts.  They don’t actually say that, but a recent mailer (focus of which accompanies this post to the left) suggests that the USSFCU (no connection to the actual US […]

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Be Pro-Choice: Vote For The Right To Abort The Union.

by Steve MacDonald November 29, 2011

If unions were abortions everyone would have the right to chose not to be party to it. Some liberal justice would have long ago ensconced that “right” into the US Constitution. And we would not be having this debate in New Hampshire. Workers could decide if they wanted to abort the union. But Democrats are hypocrites and choice shall not be permitted in the workplace. You will not, cannot be permitted to choose for yourself.

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Pelosi Corruption Scandle Hits 60 Minutes Tonight.

by Steve MacDonald November 13, 2011

Throw Them All Out, which hits bookshelves nationwide on Tuesday, reportedly contains a powder keg of original investigative information that suggests Pelosi leveraged her insider status to acquire her highly profitable Visa IPO and then used her congressional authority to shield Visa from disadvantageous legislation.

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Does Carol Agree With Nancy ‘No Budget’ Pelosi?

by Steve MacDonald November 12, 2011

Does Carol SEIU-Porter agree with Nancy, that the reason the Democrats never passed a budget–it has been an historical 927 days–was that the “Republican would have filibustered it?” (Careful now….try to remember how many republicans there actually were before you answer)

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A Question for NH Democrats & Unions…

by Steve MacDonald November 2, 2011

Is this the NH Democrat parties postion as well, and that of the state union, SEA, SEIU, Teamsters and others who are insisting that New Hampshire workers have no right to opt out of paying union dues just to get a job? Does the Federal government have the right to close a business or a facility in our state, and force those workers out of their employment, simply becasue they are either not unionized or have voted to de-certify the union, as is the case in South Carolina?

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Pelosi Doesn’t Want To Fix It

by Steve MacDonald April 13, 2011

Pelosi stood against reforming a bankrupt retirement scheme, and now she is taking the same tack here: Medicaid should not be reformed lest it appear as if it needs reform.

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It’s A Knock Out!

by Steve MacDonald January 6, 2011

OK.  It’s not threatening vehicular manslaughter, but I can see the progressives filling their diapers in rage on this one. They do so love Nancy.  Thankfully this is the work of Jay Leno so if anyone is sewn so tight that they are actually offended by it, call him to complain.  

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NPR Gets It Right For A Change

by Steve MacDonald January 3, 2011

I would like to thank them for providing me with material for Carol’s likely 2012 stumble to regain her seat, which clearly exemplifies one of many reasons why she should never be permitted to represent anyone in any position of power, ever again.

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A Letter From Crazy Aunt Nancy

by Steve MacDonald December 22, 2010

I just received this in my email. [my comments bracketed and bold]

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What Are The Democrats Giving You This Holiday Season?

by Steve MacDonald November 17, 2010

H/T Red State & Citizens United

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Trouble in Utopia

by Steve MacDonald November 11, 2010

From AP – Courtesy of the Union Leader   WASHINGTON (AP) — In a fresh sign of turmoil among defeated Democrats, a growing number of the rank and file say they won’t support House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a politically symbolic roll call when the new Congress meets in January. “The reality is that she […]

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Nancy and Carol Shea-Lamb Chop.

by Steve MacDonald October 18, 2010

OK.  It’s kind of National Enquirer circa 1975, but it gets points for being an artistically accurate representation of the relationship. Note: No NEA funding was required so no taxpayer dollars were harmed in the making of this "expression." Note#2: I decided to post this after reading Tim Horrigan’s  assertion over at Red Hampshire that […]

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Saturday Humor

by Steve MacDonald October 9, 2010

Last Tuesday, President Obama got off the helicopter in front of The White House carrying a baby piglet under each arm.  The squared-away Marine guard snapped to attention, saluted and said: "Nice pigs, sir." The President replied, "These are not pigs. These are authentic, Arkansas Razorback Hogs.  I got one for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and I got one […]

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New Hampshire On The Potomac

by Steve MacDonald September 20, 2010

Paul Hodes is trying desperately to change his image to that of a fiscal hawk and independent voice, but Paul has some monumental hurdles to get that line past the party base and into the general populace.  First, if he want’s anyone without Kool aid stained lips to buy into the fiscal song and dance […]

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Political Ads Keep Getting Stranger

by Steve MacDonald September 13, 2010

This Political Ad is destined to be a classic.  It’s from a Republican running in San Francisco.  You read that right.  I can’t imagine how Republican he could be but even if he’s like Charlie Bass that’s a huge improvement. So take a look. And guess who Nancy Pelosi is.   Just for perspective, Pelosi […]

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Harry Reid’s Innocent Victims

by Steve MacDonald July 6, 2010

They are making hay and BS sandwiches over at Boo-Hoo Hampshire, this time about the latest unemployment benefits stalemate.   Dean Barker–the Boo Hoo Guru–had begun by waxing on the CBS news coverage on the latest unemployment extension debate when he decided to lament (or perhaps invent) 30 years of GOP policy crushing the little guy, […]

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Too Stupid For Words

by Steve MacDonald July 2, 2010

Two Out Of Two New Hampshire Democrat Congressman Agree.       Doh!

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