Muslim Brotherhood

Is The Islamic Society of New Hampshire a Front for Islamic based terrorists groups?

by Steve MacDonald August 5, 2017

Dave Gaubatz is a reired Federal counter-terrorism agent and co-author of Muslim Mafia. This report on the Islamic Societ of New Hampshire is attributed to Dave and is published, unedited and without additional exposition. On June 30, 2017, I conducted firsthand research at the Islamic Society of New Hampshire. I am a former U.S. Federal Agent […]

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by Steve MacDonald November 4, 2016

Obama’s Muslim advisors and their conquest of the west. Tom Trento/The United West *Trevor Loudon also covers the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of America in his movie The Enemies Within.

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Sununu Akbar

by Steve MacDonald August 31, 2016
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Last night Kimberly Morin and I recorded a segment for this week’s podcast. The discussion centered on the Sununu family purchase of Waterville Valley Ski Resort in New Hampshire and the claim that the investors were local when at least one of them was not. As Kimberly explains here, over a million dollars originated from […]

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So what, exactly, happened on New Year’s in Europe?

by Skip January 10, 2016

It COULDN’T be those millions of military aged Muslim men, could it?  After all, they MUST have as much respect for our Western mores, our culture(s), and our way of life, right?  Why ELSE would they have left their home countries, their families, their wives, and their children?  Andrew McCarthy, a respected security expert, over […]

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So Christie is the GOP’s Guy? Or The Muslim Brotherhood’s Guy?

by Rick Olson February 7, 2014

“And, while you’re stabbing me in the back, you can kiss my ass, too.” —unknown Back in July, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hosted a dinner at the Governors Mansion where he hob-nobbed with members of Hamas and the Muslin Brotherhood, erstwhile lamenting a “gaze of intolerance that’s going around our country …” When concerns […]

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Obligatory “Obama’s Brother Malik Tied To Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt” Post

by Steve MacDonald January 26, 2014
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Is this the best one yet?  Former City Director of the William J. Clinton Foundation gets tied to Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood, along with Barack Obama’s brother, Malik, who is linked to the Sudanese Da’wa Organization (IDO).   And hey, lets toss the Clinton’s in there as well. “Authorities within Egypt’s security apparatus have warned […]

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May 25th GrokTALK! Guest Segment – Karen Testerman

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2013

In this segment of GrokTALK! we are joined by Karen Testerman, Former Candidate for Governor of New Hampshire and former Executive Director of Cornerstone Policy Research; on Jeanne Shaheen and the IRS, Jeanne Shaheen’s SB711, the potential for US Oil independence and its affect on our relations in the Middle East, The Muslim Brotherhood, and […]

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Ignoring Threats Invites Aggression and Raises the Death Toll

by Don December 12, 2012

Without warning, Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor seventy-one years ago.  Because of this sneak attack, President Roosevelt said that December 7, 1941 would be remembered as a “day of infamy”.      December 7th revealed our naivety and our lack of preparedness that unnecessarily caused many tens of thousands of American war […]

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Rose Colored Times

by Scott Morales December 7, 2012

Ah, to have rose colored glasses. I wish I could look at life’s trials and just see lollipops, unicorns, and rainbows (or better yet, their adult counterparts: beer, football, and darkened rendezvous). I’ve made efforts to see lollipops and rainbows before and, once North Korea opens up, I plan on checking out those unicorns too, […]

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Attempt to Cover up Naive, Dangerous, Failed Obama Policies

by Don October 13, 2012

For weeks President Obama and his top aides lied to us, claiming the events in the Middle East on 9-11 were caused by a movie that few people even knew about.   Those claims were attempts to cover up President Obama’s failed Middle East policies that strengthen terrorists, comfort our enemies, and are bringing the […]

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Muslim Brotherhood: What does Maggie Hassan think of her husband’s Islamic radical friends that he brings to Philips Exeter Academy?

by Skip October 10, 2012

Update: Erik Erikson has absolutely lambasted and quartered the incestuous relationship that is the Mainstream Media and Democrat apparatchik within the DC beltway mentality.  The first post was a corker – the second has this devastating bit to it.  While he’s talking about the intersection of the Uppity Lefty Media and the Uppity Lefty Democrats, […]

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Just a Theory…

by Steve MacDonald August 25, 2012

I think Iran and Egypt are co-coordinating a response to the impending Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear capability. The expectation is that Israel will do something before the November elections.  Egypt, which is now engaging in diplomatic exchanges with Iran, has recently moved more military hardware into the Sinai peninsula to deal with militants and […]

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NPR Video Sting 2.0

by Steve MacDonald March 10, 2011

James O’Keefe has released a second video on NPR. In this latest installment NPR exec Betsy Liley discusses with someone she believes is with the Muslim Brotherhood front group, how he might best hide a 5 million dollar donation to NPR from the federal government.

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Muslim Brotherhood Declares War on US

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2010

Michael Totten at PJM points us to an article by Barry Rubin at Global Research in International Affairs in which Rubin alerts us that the newly elected leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has just endorsed a full blown Anti-American Jihad. Rubin explains the serious business that this is, with all the relevant consideration, but sums […]

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