The “Uber” pay gap? The feminists aren’t going to like the answer

by Skip February 9, 2018

From a study “The Gender Earnings Gap in the Gig Economy: Evidence From Over a Million Rideshare Drivers.”, the folks at Freakonomics Radio did an interview with the authors (RE: “…The paper was written by five economists — two who are employed by Uber; two Stanford professors; and one researcher who’s been on Freakonomics Radio […]

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A tale of Opportunity – it isn’t where you think it is.

by Skip January 3, 2013

From Cafe Hayek (emphasis mine): Not only capital but also people move to where there is opportunity; and this is an essential part of creating new wealth and prosperity. This was dramatically illustrated for me in 1978, during a taxicab trip from the Wellington, New Zealand, airport to my hotel. The driver was friendly, and […]

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