Molon Labe

I oft said that Liberals can only win when they redefine the language. Merriam-Webster just did exactly that. For the Left.

by Skip April 2, 2018

So now we know where one of the premier English language dictionaries, Merriam-Webster, lies on the political spectrum – full Progressive. As the post notes, here is the “definition” for “assault rifle” noun: any of various automatic or semiautomatic rifles with large capacity magazines designed for military use. I have big problems with this – […]

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“here’s the million-dollar question: What the hell are they waiting for? Go on, chaps. Bloody well do it. Seriously, try it. Start the process.””

by Skip April 2, 2018

From now on, the Democrats can NEVER say “we’re not going to take your guns”. With the signs at the March for Lesser Rights Our Lives, the rhetoric from 17 and younger teens (free from Constitutional meaning), the media, and of course, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stephens have all made it clear – […]

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Molon Labe, y’all! This is what you call “a backbone”

by Skip January 4, 2016

Obama wants to impose more gun control. My response.#? COME & TAKE IT @NRA #tcot #PJNET — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) January 1, 2016 Texas governor challenges Obama to ‘come and take’ the Lone Star state’s guns as the president prepares to take executive action Texas Gov Greg Abbott criticized President Barack Obama’s plan […]

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If We Use the Democrat Meme – “If We could Only Save One Life….”

by Steve MacDonald April 9, 2014
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…at any moment now we should see outraged liberals unleash an avalanche of legislation at the state and federal level placing restrictions on heel length, how many sets of shoes you can own, nights out, boyfriends, arguments, drinking, and while we’re at it, the month of June. HOUSTON (Reuters) — A Texas jury found a […]

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To those that are using today’s tragedy for their political gain: Molon Labe

by Skip September 16, 2013

Update and Bumped: NBC News via Instapundit: …But law enforcement officials told NBC News they believed he arrived packing only the shotgun, which he bought last week from a gun dealer in Lorton, Va., about 20 miles from Washington. Hmm, reported by Instapundit, this seems to have been scrubbed from the report: The officials also […]

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Is the Resistance against a Leviathan Government growing?

by Skip March 12, 2013

  We have all gotten used to the handmade signs set on the overpasses to welcome home the troops after a tour in either Iraq or Afghanistan.  Now, a new one? To the right of the highway sign, see that white sign on the guardrail?  If you do not know what that white sign is […]

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Yes, Dan, it’s for the children

by Susan Olsen March 9, 2013
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New Hampshire, and Molon Labe in New York

by Tim Condon March 3, 2013

New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat-dominated state legislature there have passed a law mandating that an estimated one million “assault rifles” must be registered with the police by April 15, 2014. The law was passed in the temporary hysteria…

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And now, a word for our advertisers

by Skip February 25, 2013

Over on the Right Sidebar are a couple of folks that have chosen to advertise with us. has a bunch of “not your ordinary” type T-shirt vendor.  I know them personally (they live and work in my town), so as an “up by their bootstraps” type of operation, I offered to give them some […]

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NH .223 Day of Resistance – Micro-Interview with Susan Olsen: Wrap – up

by Skip February 24, 2013

As the crowd drifted off, materials and gear packed away, and the snow coming down at a quickening pace, I corralled Susan Olsen to get a couple last questions in on how she felt the event went: Also, I caught up with the guy whose flag (the white “Come and Take Them”) has been featured […]

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My Christmas present from the Youngest came in just in time for Saturday

by Skip February 17, 2013

The Youngest gave me a slim envelope yesterday and in it was an accessory for my AR-15: Molon Labe (“Come and get them”). Molon Labe with a Gadsden Flag twist (close up after the jump)!  And just in time, for this Saturday (2/23) there is a 223 Day of Resistance rally at the NH State […]

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“Come and Take them” – a “Line in the Granite” rally to tell NH Legislators just that

by Skip January 20, 2013

Tom’s post has the link to what the Greek actually means, when first spoken at Thermopylae when the Spartan 300 held off the Persian  (English comes close with Molon Labe) armies that outnumbered them hundreds to one.   On January 31 (Thursday, 12 noon) there will be another assemblage of those willing to stand up […]

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