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Mitt For Senate? What Would The Utah Legislature Say?

by Mike January 14, 2018

Orrin Hatch hinted that he’d support Romney for Senate from Utah, and Mitt has taken the bait. The question for me is not “Has Mitt moved to Utah?” or “Is he angling for continued relevance on the political stage?” or even “Is he seriously thinking of running for president in 2024?” No, for me, the […]

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Short Film Directed by Mitt Romney

by Scott Morales March 21, 2017

A short film directed by @MittRomney. — Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) March 20, 2017  

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GOPe Panic Level 11+ ROMNEY Votes For Cruz!

by Mike March 20, 2016

Another case of climbing down off the wrong horse! Wednesday it was Nikki Haley, Friday, it was Mitt Romney admitting that the Sainted Klingon Kasich™ cannot be the nominee, and that the last viable choice of the GOPe is coming down to:   “Promote the hated, but conservative, Cruz, and pray he doesn’t destroy all […]

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The GOPe just doesn’t get it.

by Skip March 6, 2016

They just don’t understand that losing the OTHER way is just a huge a possibility as what they fear will happen if Trump is the nominee: As Trump cements his front-runner status, senior party figures are moving away from the idea of defeating him outright. At this point, they hope to deny him enough delegates […]

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Mitt Romney doubles down on think you’re stupid

by Skip March 6, 2016

Methinks that Ryan Williams (to whom I am still not the Second Coming of thereof) ought to tell the lead tongued one he needs to change his patter when speaking about his speech, the perception that the grassroots has of him, and certainly the perception that he is solid rock core Establishment.  On the Sunday […]

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GOPe Whistling From The Graveyard
Exhumes Romney – Again!

by Mike November 13, 2015

Drudge Report went full siren alert this morning over a WaPo report that The GOP elites are SO worried an outsider might win the nomination that they are once again talking of resurrecting Romney. What these chimps chumps don’t realize is that they are the reason why Romney (and McCain) lost, and why the GOP […]

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Yeah, Romney’s really thinking “That damned internet thingy”

by Skip October 21, 2015

MITT ROMNEY: DEMISE OF LEGACY MEDIA EMPOWERING CONSERVATIVE ‘INSURGENTS,’ PREVENTING MORE ‘COLLABORATIVE ACTION’ Ugh…this post about Romney, divisiveness, Democrats, media, and Paul Ryan is wrong on so many levels….but that’s why I pay myself the big cents to wade through this slosh. Emphasis mine, reformatted: Failed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney lamented that the demise […]

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First David Corn and now…..Nancy Pelosi????

by Skip January 27, 2015

When David Corn, a far Left Progressive writing at  Mother Jones, said that Mitt Romney was (in so many words) a closet Progressive, it left me rather unenthused. After all, a Progressive wanting Mitt – this is what I as a “base” Conservatarian, wants to hear about a guy that I resignedly voted for in the […]

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How bad is it when an uber-Progressive is calling Mitt Romney a born-again Progressive?

by Skip January 24, 2015

David Corn, pretty much far Left as one can get without being BFF with Castro bros (ok, maybe he’s standing between them in that picture over there) is now welcoming Mitt Romney as a brother-in-ideology (reformatted, emphasis mine): It is time for liberals to cheer Mitt Romney. Not because his possible entry into the 2016 […]

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Inoculations Must Begin Now To Prevent the Spread of Jebola

by Steve MacDonald October 24, 2014
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I do not agree that Mittens can stop the spread of Jebola, but between the two I’d prefer a third option. I’m also giddy with myself for coming up with Jebola, if you couldn’t tell… Jebola? RT .@allahpundit: If we don’t make this Romney 2016 thing happen soon, people, we’re going to end up with […]

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So, Mitt Romney wants us to send a Republican to the US Senate that won’t act like a Republican?

by Skip October 1, 2014

This is supposed to make the Republican base more apt to vote for Brown?  Or are they throwing in the towel on the 50% of NH Republicans that DIDN’T vote for him in the primary in their rush for the mush middle that even the Dems aren’t working for?  From a campaign ad starring Mitt […]

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Given the situation that Russia’s Putin has put Obama into….

by Skip July 24, 2014

…Putin has made Obama’s words to Mitt Romney during the debate “the 80s called and they want their policies back” look stupid, hollow, mocking, trite, and callow. Schnadenfreude.  And for those of you who are trying to forget those “triumphalism words” (gee, wasn’t that the term you Dems used against Romney??), here’s a little reminder: […]

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Quotes Of The Day: Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

by Mike July 16, 2014

“A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” (…and the 47%) – Mitt Romney – Ooops – George Bernard Shaw   “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” – Barack Obama – Ooops – Vladimir Lenin   […]

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A Unified Party? For what – the same bogus line that Scott Brown fed Massachusetts voters?

by Kimberly Morin July 7, 2014

The Scott Brown campaign released a video today talking about ‘Unity’ of the Party and how he’ll be an ‘Independent Voice’ for New Hampshire.  Really?  Like he was an Independent voice in Massachusetts when he voted with Obama and Democrats (and AGAINST his constituents) more often than not?  Like when he voted for Dodd-Frank, crafted […]

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Mitt Trades His Integrity For A Mess Of Scottage!

by Mike July 2, 2014

I WAS going to title this article “Don’t do it, Mitt!”, but by the time I looked up from work to check the news, the deed was done. Whatever you may think of his policies and politics, Mitt Romney is a man of honor and integrity, and there are so many stories of his charitable […]

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Mitt As A Better President – Surely
Brown As A Better Senator – A Stretch

by Mike June 25, 2014

Shorter: “I know Mitt Romney, and you’re no Mitt Romney” Received this morning, just a few days after The Gnome exhorted everyone to “meet the next senator” at the Tuscan Kitchen, a missive from Team Brown, inviting the faithful to a “Kick Off With Mitt”, and drawing the unlikely parallel that, as Romney would undoubtedly […]

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Copeland Resigns

by Steve MacDonald May 20, 2014
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Was it becasue Mitt Romney said so? Mitt Romney, the former GOP presidential nominee and a former Massachusetts governor, owns a home in Wolfeboro and had called for Copeland’s resignation, saying “the vile epithet used and confirmed by the commissioner has no place in our community.” Then there’s this from the same AP article; does […]

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And everybody believed Obama’s sneering over their totally lucid foresight

by Skip February 28, 2014

I just don’t understand how the IOC decided to add this one final event to the Winter Olympics – nation invading!  Or was it that have the attention of the world focused on Sochi just wasn’t big enough for Putin?  Today we are seeing that Russian Spetsnatz and other troops coptered / jetted into the […]

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Blogline of the Day – Why did Obama Win?

by Skip January 21, 2013

We interrupt this orgy of Obama worship to recall that his campaign huddled early in 2012 and reflected that they could not run on his first-term record. Accordingly, the strategy was “Kill Romney.” Congratulations. That what we’re celebrating today. – Mona Charen, NRO Contributor and syndicated columnist

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Data Point – A tidbit from the Presidential race – if it means anything at all

by Skip November 8, 2012

FWIW: The Corner: But wait, just in case this wasn’t bad enough, here’s a look at Obama’s vote margin in some key states as of this afternoon (these figures will change a bit as those straggling precincts report in): Virginia: 107,339          Ohio: 100,763           Florida: 47,493          Colorado: 111,094 Nevada: 66,379          Total: 433,068 So for less than […]

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Chris Christie – Fallen off the Pedestal?

by Skip November 8, 2012

Face it, when Chris Christie first burst onto the scene campaigning for the NJ Governorship, he became an instant hit with a lot of Conservatives.  Not that he was all THAT conservative but that he was willing to take on the press, unions, and nay-sayers in a “take-no-prisoner” fashion.  And in that manner, just like […]

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EMail Doodlings – OK, putting this up a couple days late.

by Skip November 7, 2012

But actually, it turned out to be a bit prescient, as in two races here in NH in my mind (Frank Guinta & Bob Burns), what I warned about came true: This may not sit well…. It seems to me that the full bore / hard core Libertarians (“HCLs”) on this list (which, after all […]

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Blogging at Mitt’s – dispatch from the Mitt rally

by Mike November 5, 2012

I and the clan went to the Mitt Romney event tonite – here are some pix!  Three hours since we turned off the highway. Almost two hours in a line which wrapped around the building and back again. Temperature had reached freezing by the time we got to the doors. People still filling up the […]

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RightWingNews Right of Center Poll: Result of Tuesday Night?

by Skip November 5, 2012

Updated and bumped:  The results are in at RightWingNews: 1) Who do you think is going to win the election?  Mitt Romney 87.9% (58 votes) Barack Obama 12.1% (8 votes)  2) Whom are you voting for?  Mitt Romney 92.6% (63 votes) Gary Johnson 2.9% (2 votes) I’m not voting 2.9% (2 votes) Won’t say 1.5% […]

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Libertarians – some might be the “Cloward-Pivens of the Right this election”?

by Skip November 5, 2012

This may not sit well…. Actually, what I wrote below I did before stumbling on this: “The Cloward – Pivens of the Right” where the topic is about a Libertarian that will be voting for Johnson and will not even consider a vote against Obama: The fact that his vote might end up causing Romney […]

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Another “Political Campaign Stunt” By Romney

by Rick Olson November 4, 2012

“It seems that the first victim of an Obama campaign is the truth.” —Mitt Romney Throughout this campaign, there is one issue Mitt Romney has not  talked about. What the Romney has not talked about is his profound generosity over many, many years to so many people. Mitt has not only given of himself personally, but […]

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Blogline of the Day: by Instapundit’s Glen Reynolds

by Skip November 4, 2012

“let me just say that if Obama wins on Tuesday, I intend to be every bit as gracious and cooperative as the Democrats were in 2000 and 2004.” here.  And remember, we will only be mirroring what US Senator / US Senate Majority Leader  and Democrat Harry Reid said if Romney wins: “Mitt Romney’s fantasy […]

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FaceBook Doodlings: Libertarians & Free Staters: let me amplify what Tim said about Tuesday

by Skip November 4, 2012

Tim put up this post, urging movement Libertarians to consider how they’d be voting on Tuesday: If you are a libertarian, or if you are a Free Stater, or if you just believe in limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility…. David Mamet, the famed playwright that was hard Left and just veered Right after […]

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Conservatives Hijack ‘Romnesia’, Can’t Wait To Evict Obama

by Mike November 3, 2012

Photo by Ali Akbar, who is traveling the campaign trail with Stacy McCain in Ohio. This photo from the massive Romney rally in West Chester, OH Friday evening.

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MittMentum in Ohio – Massive Rally of 30k+ On A Chilly Friday Evening

by Mike November 2, 2012

At least 25,000 people passed through the metal detectors, thousands more were outside – our friend Stacy McCain suspects the total was nearer to 35k, and the enthusiasm was high. Look at this photo of the crowd at dusk, when it was still growing, and then watch the video clips from the Cincinnati Enquirer. Mitt […]

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