Mike Rogers

Omnibus in Spiritus Sanctum

(Restored) Mike Rogers joins me to discuss how Mr. Trump might be able to use the Omnibus as written to build his wall, and whether he can or will just give large sums he has no intention of spending back to the treasury – and whether Congress can do anything about that. This program has been reposted after …

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Trade Wars and Revolving Doors

Mike Rogers joins me to explore Trump’s revolving door at the White House (Not such a bad thing). Then it’s on to the political establishment’s reaction to steel and aluminum tariffs. Good, bad, the analysis might surprise you. Check out the original blog post for more ways to listen.

The Interviews, Week Ending 3-3-2018

Another week’s worth of interviews in one convenient package on topics from parents, kids and the culture, gender equality legislation, the epic breakdown in Broward County, catching vote-stealers, and building up a political website with reach. (Plus, an extra six minutes with CNHT chairman Ed Naile.) More ways to listen from the blog post page or …

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Coward County Florida

Mike Rogers walks us through the serial failures of our self-proclaimed overseers in the Parkland shooting. Some surprising media reaction. The useful idiots. And more. Find more listneing options here.

Goldwater and Trump

Mike Rogers joins me to discuss similarities between the Establishment’s treatment of Trump and Goldwater. We also look at chatter over state-level races in New Hampshire.

Podcast #160

This week, my guests are John Zmirack, Senior Editor from Stream.org, and Ann Corcoran the editor of Refugee Resettlement Watch. I’ve also got Kimberly Morin from the 31st annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Tampa FL,  and Mike Rogers is back as well.

An Unexceptional America

Mike Rogers joins me to discuss the ongoing effort by the professional left to make America unexceptional. There’s even a nod to Austin Powers in there if you can find it.