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Michelle Malkin on Drudge / Trump Hypocrisy

by Steve MacDonald March 14, 2016
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I’m just guessing but is Drudge a Trump guy? c/o Daily Caller

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Here we go again: another liberal narrative burned to a crisp

by Steve MacDonald November 8, 2015
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Michelle Malkin | Written by Doug Powers Here we go again: another liberal narrative burned to a crisp. Over a two-week period in October, an arsonist targeted seven churches in the St. Louis area — including several in Black Lives Matter protest hotspot Ferguson, Missouri. The Atlantic magazine, invoking the “long history of terrorism against […]

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Notable Quote – Michelle Malkin #FindCover

by Steve MacDonald March 24, 2014
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  When the White House now talks about the “Get Covered” campaign, it’s not about ordinary Americans getting health care. It’s about covering the backsides of the Obama water-carriers who may very well lose their jobs. NRO

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Businesses Big and Small Dump Part Time Benefits

by Mike February 21, 2013

Skip reported on the Obama Supporter in Ohio who was ‘first up against the wall when the revolution came‘ and bit her employer in the …..umm… wallet. Well, Businesses both small and large have been finding out that the benefits they had been providing, especially to part-time employees, are being priced out of reach by […]

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RightOnline 2012 – “My name is Michelle Malkin, and I am just a blogger”

by Skip June 16, 2012

Most of the Groksters are in Vegas at the RightOnline yearly conference – but due to job consideration, I am not.  However, there will be portions of the conference that will be live streamed (here) and they will be putting up vids from the conference. The above line was the first line spoken by Michelle […]

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RightOnline 2012 Loaded

by Steve MacDonald June 16, 2012

The first day at RightOnline has been great.  I was able to connect with Groksters Rick Olson, and Don Ewing, and I saw Tim Condon twice, though I’m not positive he’s actually here.  (There are enough folks here that I could easily miss him all weekend.)  And Jeff Chidester is around here somewhere. Last night […]

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The ongoing Exposure of Brett Kimberlin: Stacy McCain and Michelle Malkin

by Mike May 28, 2012

Brett Kimberlin’s Heiress Aunt Helping Fund His Tax-Exempt Harassment Posted on | May 27, 2012 FROM AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION Convicted felon Brett Kimberlin is the nephew of a wealthy Maryland woman who has contributed to a foundation that helped fund a 501(c)3 organization of which Kimberlin is the director. Kimberlin’s activities have recently attracted widespread attention because of […]

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BlogBurst: Who Is Brett Kimberlin? Launch of KimberlinFiles.org

by Mike May 25, 2012

UPDATED May 26th 00:30 The National Bloggers Club has been a valuable ally in supporting and defending bloggers targeted by harassment and intimidation. Today is “Everybody Blog Brett Kimberlin Day.” I join with National Bloggers Club president Ali Akbar in sincerely requesting that readers concerned about defending First Amendment rights online visit the club’s special […]

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BlogBurst: The Psychopathic (Leftist) Evil That Stacy McCain is Exposing

by Mike May 25, 2012

Stacy is getting lots of help in his quest to expose the evil of Brett Kimberlin, including this video by Lee Stranahan, and exposure of the story by Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, and many others. On Friday, Lee Stranahan is encouraging an Everybody Blog Brett Kimberlin day – to ensure that he is thoroughly exposed […]

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