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Education: Legislative Schedule for Week of January 14, 2019

Welcome to the start of the 2019 legislative session! The Senate and House education committees are beginning to schedule public hearings and there is a full calendar for the HEC. We are monitoring numerous bills this year and those will include our analysis and commentary. There are several bills regarding charter schools, cooperative district agreements, …

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Educator-Parent Supports Options

Several weeks ago, we were contacted by a woman who sought educational options for her daughter who is experiencing relentless bullying at her local school. Even though she is an educator herself, the staff is unresponsive to the mom’s concerns and continues to place her daughter in stressful conditions. Children deserve to have their educational …

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GrokTALK! Show #154

This week join us along with guests Aaron Day (State corruption), Michelle Levell (School Choice), House candidate Kevin Miller (Battling Dep’ty Dawg Shurtleff), Jason Quick from CVA (Caring for Our Heroes in the 21st Century Act), and guest host Kimberly Morin (everything).  

School Choice Fight

Small town fights state boards and the AG’s office so parents can send their kids to a school of their choice. While that town (Croydon) battles in court, legislators work to make existing law–which supports school choice already –even clearer. Education advocate Michelle Levell joins us as we talk about Croydon, the legislation, costs per …

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Feb 27th, 2016 Podcast

AFP State director Greg Moore co-hosts as we welcome guests Chrissy Harbin, Stacy McCain, Michelle Levell. and Ed Naile, to talk about asset forfeiture, internet taxes, the newest Project Veritas  vote fraud video, school choice, and getting banned from twitter. It’s Talk Radio done “Right!”  

Assessing Assessments

We continue with Michelle on legislation allowing parents to opt out of state-wide assessments, some opt out numbers from this years testing, district incentives (ice-cream parties, etc)to reward students who took the tests (and isolate those who did not), and parental involvement.  

No Curriculum Trigger Warnings For Parents?

Michelle Levell joins us to examine student and parental rights with regard to explicit material in pubic school classrooms, a recent effort to inform parents, and how educarats reacted to the proposed reform.  

GrokTALK! July 25th, 2015

This week we are joined by Governor George Pataki, Education advocate Michelle Levell, and Keith Carlsen joins us to discuss the Heath Care Compact.