Tales from the BudComm – outsourcing an answer?

by Skip December 6, 2017

Sometimes, I just shake my head.  This started when we were going over “Federal Projects” of which one is Title II whereupon the Feds allocate monies to the Various States and then the State Board of Educations then allocate their share to towns and cities based on grant requests from said towns and cities.  Briefly […]

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This can’t be good as our Republican “Constitutional leaders” are joining with Democrats in allowing bureaucrats taking away our Rights by putting us on a list

by Skip June 23, 2016

And Kelly Ayotte, former NH Attorney General and one that is supposed to know about Rights, has gone full Monty on Collin’s no-due-process-before-but-you-can-petition-a-judge-afterwards law that goes after guns instead the true enemy – Islamic Jihadis. A bureaucrat can take away your Second Amendment Right simply by deeming you “suspicious” – no charges, no evidence, no […]

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