GrokTALK! – The Red Tail Hawk Bill

by Steve MacDonald March 22, 2015
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A bill about a bird makes national news because it was proposed by fourth graders who were in the NH House chamber when it was killed. (The Bill, not the bird.)  But it wasn’t just that it got voted down it was the testimony against it. The story went national but we’ve got a rep […]

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No, they DIDN’T take it off the table – they just gave them ANOTHER club

by Skip March 6, 2014

This will be the gift that will keep on giving – the Kiss of Death, that is.  To the Republicans, that is.  They just didn’t realize it, all those Smart People in the NH State Senate with Rs after their names that voted to implement Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion (even though they tried to call it […]

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Another Thanksgiving Note to the NHGOP

by Steve MacDonald November 29, 2013
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Skip reminds us that GraniteGrok is becoming the scape-goat of choice for NH-GOP failures.  Just like Democrats Republicans to blame someone else for their own shortcomings.  But I’d like to remind the NH-GOP that GraniteGrok covered the Jeanne Shaheen letter to the IRS story more than a year before the state and national party even […]

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A Bump On The Road To Unity – some riffs off Steve

by Skip January 30, 2013

Steve’s post brings up a bunch of issues that are well worth your time to read – and as you can tell by the title here, this is a takeoff on it.  He brings up (along with some of my thoughts): Bloggers like us aren’t the problem that former NH GOP Chair Wayne MacDonald believes […]

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A Bump On The Road To Unity

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2013

As a Blogger I am encouraged by the calls for unity from the NH-GOP leadership.  But I do not believe they have a clue about how to get there from here.  And blaming bloggers is clearly not the answer.  In fact, it is exactly the opposite of “the answer.”  I make that quite clear in […]

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