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Blog Question of the Day – Responsibility

by Skip January 17, 2016

If The Mentally Ill Shouldn’t Own Guns, Should Radical Muslims?

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When an anti-gun person says it is not about a total gun ban, remember this:

by Skip June 5, 2014

I pretty much think this guy wants to implement a gun ban and take them all away: “Instead of focusing on making it harder for the mentally ill to get guns, maybe we should be making it harder to get guns, period. Something to consider before the next mass shooting.” – Joe Nocera (H/T: The […]

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Democrats Responsible for More Deaths At Fort Hood

by Steve MacDonald April 4, 2014
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The moment I heard about the most recent Fort Hood shooting my first though after the thoughts and prayers for the families, friends, and the dead or wounded was — Another shooter takes advantage of a Democrat gun free zone. Kimberly Morin at describes the problem for me… Gun Free Zones’ are magnets for […]

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From Mark Steyn – Unarmed Man Goes on Shooting Rampage

by Steve MacDonald December 6, 2013

The Corner A mentally disturbed man is wandering through traffic outside New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal. Naturally, the NYPD open fire. They miss the guy. However, the sidewalks being full of people, they manage to hit two female pedestrians, one of them already using a walker, which comes in handy when the coppers shoot […]

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Liberals Lie about Guns … and frankly just about everything else

by Don December 21, 2012

We can always count on James Veverka (on 12/19/2012 in the Laconia Daily Sun, to respond irrationally (hopefully he doesn’t have a gun), and suppress some, and misstate other, facts. First. No “rightwinger”, no second amendment supporter believes there should be no controls on access to guns. But, they do believe criminals who use […]

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