“Keep Calm – All is well!” Er, no.

by Skip January 2, 2017

(H/T: Animal House, Kevin Bacon) “The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works — whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified.” – President Obama, Inauguration (2009) Apparently, Obama is going to […]

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Economic Malpractice

by Steve MacDonald August 15, 2016
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We continue the discussion with Greg Moore from Americans for Prosperity on Government meddling with medical care and coverage and the economic malpractice that results–fewer startups, employment stagnation, wage deflation, and other symptoms of this regulatory disease, including those specific to New Hampshire. (Segment 2a, 19min 41 sec.) Download this segment – The entire podcast […]

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You Can’t Keep Your Plan But You Can Pay For Other People’s Sex Change Operations

by Steve MacDonald May 16, 2016
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You can’t keep your plan if you like your plan (or your doctor, blah blah blah) but if you want taxpayers to pay for someone else’s sex-change operation, guess what? The Secretary Shall! The Department of Health and Human Services issued a final regulation Friday that will pressure health insurers to cover sex change operations, which […]

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Throwback Thursday – Dr. Joe Hannon and Dr. Jeffrey Singer

by Steve MacDonald February 4, 2016
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Dr. Joe Hannon and Dr. Jeffrey Singer join us to talk Government healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, the new HealthCare regime, and what it is doing to care and professionals tasked with delivering it. (Original broadcast date – Nov 22, 2014) Player will update at 9 am EST  

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So it IS Democrats that are taking Medicare away from Seniors!!!

by Skip March 24, 2014

For decades, I’ve been listening to the puke that the Democrats have put out that Republicans just hate Seniors and are just waiting to take Medicare away from them.  Yet, guess who really IS taking away Medicare from Seniors?  Yup, with their vote for Obamacare, they took $700 BILLION out of the Medicare program. Democrats […]

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Where That ‘Free’ $2.4 Billion is Coming From to Pay For Medicaid Expansion in NH

by Steve MacDonald January 4, 2014
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Nothing is free.  In the debate to expand Medicaid in NH-which is nothing more than a race to claim $2.4 Billion in Federal bribes in exchange for trapping New Hampshire in the sticky ObamaCare web of lies, more than a few people who should know better are trying to convince you that the Federal money […]

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Democrats agree: Slavery by us is fine if it serves the “Common Good”

by Skip November 3, 2013

I’ve been talking about this since before I posted this about what doctors in San Diego County (in the Democrat Ruled State of CA) were going to face at the advent of Obamacare: Rather than mere head count, officials say they are scrutinizing what capacity physicians have to accept new patients. And to assist consumers, […]

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I blame Jeanne Shaheen – but what will Chuck do?

by Skip September 4, 2013

I guess I was prescient yesterday. Remember, before now US Senator Jeanne Shaheen, she was the NH State Senator who sponsored SB711 – that godawful bill of healthcare destruction that annhiliated the insurance carrier competition in NH.  From over two dozen companies vying for New Hampshirites’ business and dollars (and forcing them to provide better […]

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If doctors are already not taking Medicare patients, will they opt out of Obamacare?

by Skip July 30, 2013

Or is that the reason why Obamacare was structured the way it was – political and policy decisions that effectively force doctors to sell out their practices to hospitals, and for hospitals to merge with others simply to better scale up to deal with lowered payments?  Why would this be happening?  Simply the penchant of […]

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Your Fair Share Of Nothing

by Steve MacDonald June 20, 2013

If you were paid by a company that borrowed almost half of what it claimed as income and had accumulated 17 trillion in debt along the way, you’d be right to wonder if you’d ever see another paycheck, and if you did, if you would even be able to cash it.  Benefits?  I wouldn’t count […]

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Spending as A Percetage of GDP 1950 – 2010

by Steve MacDonald January 22, 2013

A new study from the St. Louis Fed has provided us with this nifty graph. The Graph below shows spending by major categories as a percentage of GDP.  Some may find this surprising. There are more charts at the link, also here at Hot Air.  Take particular note of the graphs on revenue and spending relative […]

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Spenders, Please Wake Up!

by Scott Morales August 26, 2012

I just read the Merrimack Patch’s Letter to the Editor, and I must say that it’s disconcerting at best.  You can pretend all you want that we live in a land where we can spend, spend, spend and somebody else will pay without heartache.  But to me, that’s delusional and irresponsible.  That’s walking up to […]

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Obama Cut 700 Billion From Medicare…

by Steve MacDonald August 14, 2012

…yes he did.  And he owned that 700 Billion Dollar cut.  Watch him.  

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Medicare Fraud – [Updated and Bumped – Again…]

by Steve MacDonald August 13, 2012

When I say “Medicare Fraud,” I’m not referring to the corrupt practices of people and professionals who are milking taxpayers by running fast circles around the bureaucratic behemoth that is Medicare.  I am referring to the left-wing Democrat lie-factory that has nothing in its barren campaign quiver but fear tactics.   That is the fraud I […]

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GrokTV Special Interview – Rick Parent (Candidate, Congress (NHCD-1) – Question 8 – How fix Social Security / Medicare entitlements due to demographics?

by Skip July 23, 2012

The biggest expenses in the Federal budget that are driving the national debt (and will continue as the “rabbit in the snake” of Baby Boomers retire) are Social Security and Medicare.  With crashing demographics and the money “alternatively used” by Federal Agencies, how would you fix this problem that could bankrupt the nation?  Question 8: […]

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The Misleading Claim about Medicare Administrative Costs

by Don April 26, 2012

A recent caller to Niel Young’s radio show, “The Advocates”, claimed that Medicare’s administration cost is much lower than for private insurance companies. But, Medicare’s formula for computing administration costs doesn’t include all the costs which government requires in the calculations for private companies. So the comparison is not valid, and the claim is misleading. […]

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GrokTV Event: Ovide Lamontagne House Event Q&A-Q2: how fix the low Medicare / Medicaid payments that increase private sector costs?

by Skip February 20, 2012

Next question that was asked at the Jeanne Forrester home event for Ovide Lamontagne (and to Ovide) continued on the healthcare topic: Q2: Where / how to fix the low Medicare / Medicaid payments that will increase private sector costs?

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Project Veritas – More Medicaid brought to you by James O’Keefe

by Skip August 11, 2011

I had previously posted one of Project Veritas‘s Medicaid exposure videos – where a Russian drug lord was all but successful in enrolling in Ohio’s Medicaid system.  In doing so, he showed that any pretense of safeguarding valuable taxpayer money was thrown to the four winds as seemingly, the more valuable metric of "one more […]

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Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work!

by Rick Olson July 28, 2011

“It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.” ~Edmund Burke And when older people are yelling, “Don’t cut my Social Security!” Do you think they know about this community in Tacoma Washington? SO here you have it….Obama pimping the old people to keep […]

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And James O’Keefe is at it again – this time Medicaid!

by Skip July 18, 2011

First it was Planned Parenthood (those paragons of reproductive death health virtue), then onto the the convention of NJ Teachers Gone Wild (those paragons of union power educational virtue). Now, a new skewering brought to you by overblown acting, bad Russian accents, implausible business schemes, family relations that only a bad comedy writer would entertain….and […]

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Sebelius Admits to Obamacare Double tap

by Steve MacDonald March 7, 2011

Fans of the movie Zombieland might understand the post title right away. In the movie the lead protagonist, “Columbus” has a set of rules he always follows which he believes are the only reason he is still alive after the world is turned into Zombieland by a mutant strain of Mad Cow disease that turns almost everyone into crazed, flesh eating zombies.

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