Media Bias

Data Point: Pew – US media bias ranks worst in the world

by Skip January 14, 2018

Americans on both sides of the political aisle believe the media does a poor job covering political issues fairly, according to a blockbuster new survey of media consumption in 38 nations. What’s more, the Pew Research Center’s study found that supporters of President Trump believe the media is doing a worse job covering politics than the supporters of […]

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NBC 4 Ohio Shows Destructive Power of an AR-15 Except…That’s Not an AR-15!

by Steve MacDonald November 16, 2017

(Bearing Arms) Journalist, as a species, aren’t gun people. This was clear the moment USA Today decided to illustrate the possible accessories for the AR-15 and included the chainsaw bayonet, for crying out loud, if at no other point before. However, an Ohio television station decided to go even further in showing us just how little they know […]

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New Veritas Video: American Pravda, NYT Part I – Slanting the News & A Bizarre Comey Connection

by Steve MacDonald October 18, 2017

Project Veritas’ latest installment in the American Pravda series takes aim at The New York Times, the supposed “paper of record.” In the first part of this series, Nicholas Dudich, Audience Strategy Editor for the Times’ extensive video library speaks candidly about how his left political bias influences his editorial judgment and reveals an unusual […]

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Mark Steyn on the Media’s Reaction to Trump vs. North Korea

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2017

Mark Steyn on Tucker Carlson discussing the media’s priorities while a rogue nation threatens a nuclear strike on US territory.

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Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber: The “Memo” That Made The Media Flip Out

by Steve MacDonald August 9, 2017

Did you hear about the deplorable memo some woman-hating Google engineer shared? The media being the media, redacted, cherry picked and excerpted their way into their very own echo chamber tizzy. In reality, “… a major purpose of the memo was to brainstorm ideas about how to make Google a more friendly environment for women without […]

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If You Rely on NH Media You Probably Missed This: West Virginia’s Gov. Ditches Dems for GOP

by Steve MacDonald August 5, 2017

First, you have to imagine the fawning (local and national) wall-to-wall coverage this would get if a Republican governor left the GOP for the Democrat Party. Now, back to reality. CBS was the only network in the Big Three to give the story anytime. But during CBS Evening News, Anchor Anthony Mason down played the development […]

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NHPR Pushes Democrat Narrative in Story Claiming Conservative Media Covering for Trump

by Steve MacDonald July 28, 2017

[Updated] NPR (NHPR) has some audio up this morning with a very amusing headline above it and an even funnier statement beneath. “Amid Russia Scandals, Conservative Media Provides Air Cover For President Trump.” NPR not only published this but made it laughable thanks to the copy they added below the audio player (emphasis mine). Many Americans […]

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Data Point – the mainstream media IS the opposition

by Skip May 19, 2017

And their own coverage belie their words: Academics at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy [Harvard University] analyzed coverage from Trump’s first 100 days in office across 10 major TV and print outlets. They found that the tone of some outlets was negative in as many as 98% of reports, significantly more hostile […]

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Data Point – Media Bias

by Skip April 25, 2017

A chart from seems to be pretty much on the mark: “Please note that outlets on left and right sometimes publish material that’s on the opposite side of the political spectrum, or that has no political leaning at all. The placement is based on perceived overall tone and audience. Position on the chart doesn’t […]

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Data Point – Gallup: 2/3rds of American People believe the MSM favor one political party

by Skip April 7, 2017

Six in 10 in US See Partisan Bias in News Media …In a contentious political landscape, Americans increasingly believe the news media generally favors one political party over the other. Sixty-two percent of U.S. adults say the media has a favorite, up from about 50% in past years. Just 27% now say the media favors […]

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Media Bias Tools of the Trade c/o Reuters

by Steve MacDonald December 21, 2016

Talk about burying the lead. The Reuters headline announces that “At least six ‘faithless electors’ break ranks, but Trump wins Electoral College vote” but fails to clarify that most of them defected from Hillary until paragraph five. Most of the rest is an attack on the Electoral College and Trump.

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Data Point – Media Bias much?

by Skip October 18, 2016

A study from Harvard’s Shorenstein Center of the four weeks encompassing and surrounding the two major-party political conventions makes this obvious. Trump’s news coverage during this period was 75 percent negative; the friendliest week Trump got from the media was the week of the convention itself — when it was “only” 55 percent negative. Contrast […]

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Kinda sums it up for this election, doesn’t it?

by Skip September 9, 2016

I worry about a society in which the Press’s love for a Democrat candidate is held up as an example for actual life: (H/T: Instapundit)

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Media bias – it doesn’t matter what he says

by Skip August 13, 2016

(Image H/T: Lucianne) And the mask is coming off: “CNN’S CUOMO COMES RIGHT OUT AND ADMITS IT: ‘We couldn’t help Hillary any more than we have, she’s got just a free ride so far from the media, we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign, so it had better happen.” (H/T: Instapundit) And must I remind you, […]

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Iranian State Run Television Documentary Claims Obama Gave Iran Millions in Exchange for US Spies

by Steve MacDonald August 5, 2016
Thumbnail image for Iranian State Run Television Documentary Claims Obama Gave Iran Millions in Exchange for US Spies

That “story Trump made up” of there being video about Obama giving Iran $400 million to get hostages released…well, the Iranians created a documentary about getting pallets of cash from America in exchange for 4 spies. Does that count? And then we have this. More at Conservative Treehouse

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A Public Service Reminder About Deliberate Slant in the Media

by Steve MacDonald June 23, 2016
Thumbnail image for A Public Service Reminder About Deliberate Slant in the Media

Since 9/11/2001 the media has been on a mission to protect the sorts of people most likely to commit acts of violence and terror in the name of Jihad–and anyone who might look like them. To aid and abet this free public relations effort there are printed guidelines. Yes, most of us are aware that […]

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What’s That? The Clintons Were Involved in an Online “University Scandal” Too?

by Steve MacDonald June 9, 2016
Thumbnail image for What’s That? The Clintons Were Involved in an Online  “University Scandal” Too?

This is a story about shifty degree programs offered by an online “University.” The University (coincidentally) received $55 Million taxpayer dollars from Hillary Clinton’s US State Department while paying Bill Clinton $16 million dollars over 4 years to promote the thing as an honorary chancellor. (Jonathan While largely ignored by the media, the Clintons […]

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Ted Cruz Responds to WaPo Cartoon

by Steve MacDonald December 25, 2015
Thumbnail image for Ted Cruz Responds to WaPo Cartoon

You’ve probably heard the one about the major American Newspaper that published a cartoon of Senator Ted Cruz’ daughters. The Washington Post depicted his Hispanic children as monkeys. Do that with Obama’s daughters and see what happens to you. Anyway, Ted and his campaign has a cartoon idea of their own.

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Other than Fox News naturally…

by Skip November 3, 2015

Joe Scarborough: No Republican Has Hosted Network Sunday Show or Newscast in 50 Years. I also like the idea that was thrown out there about moderators for Republican debates: if you have never pulled a Republican ballot and voted in a Republican primary…   (H/T: Instapundit)

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Guess we can’t make funny with Kevin Landrigan anymore

by Skip August 12, 2014

In a lot of ways, the MSM has brought this upon themselves – plummeting ad revenue and dropping subscriber numbers.  Part of it has been the Internet but to a large degree, and there are no small number of folks that would agree with me, it has been the ever leftward inching that the media […]

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Where Is NH Media on A Gun Running Politician?

by Steve MacDonald April 3, 2014
Thumbnail image for Where Is NH Media on A Gun Running Politician?

In case there is any doubt that there is a media preference for Democrats let’s just clear that up…Again. A quick search of three local Newspapers near me, provides some perspective. I Searched three items.  Leland Yee, the gun-running anti-gun Democrat State Senator from CA, Wendy Davis–a Democrat State senator from TX (and candidate for […]

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Have you Looked in the Mirror Lately?

by Steve MacDonald January 21, 2014
Thumbnail image for Have you Looked in the Mirror Lately?

Yesterday afternoon a NH House Rep. sent me a “heads up” that the Nashua Telegraph’s political doodler Kevin Landrigan had made note (on Facebook) of the frequency of articles at GraniteGrok regarding the DuckGate case of Nashua NH House Democrat David Campbell–a case with a number of unanswered questions that suggest a police commissioner helped […]

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Liberal Logic: “Wielding A Deranged Man, A GUN Shot 12 People..”

by Mike September 19, 2013
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A Little WMURphy for You.

by Steve MacDonald August 5, 2013

I think I know why WMUR was miffed at us.  No, not becasue Skip fingered them for media bias, though I just did that here again and on Red State, so we should probably expect another letter from their lawyer.   I think it’s becasue, well, let me show you. Skip MURphy W MUR If Mr. […]

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New Hampshire Says State Gun Laws Should Stay the Same or Be Less Strict by 51-46%

by Steve MacDonald August 4, 2013

The Title WMUR ran with was “Granite Staters unhappy with failure of gun background check bill.”  Were they? A new poll shows almost half of Granite Staters think gun laws should be stricter, and a majority were angry or dissatisfied that an effort to expand background checks failed. The WMUR Granite State Poll shows that […]

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Abortion and the Media in One Cartoon…

by Steve MacDonald April 22, 2013

..and just the tip of the media bias iceberg. H/T Cahnman’s Musings

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GrokTALK! Snippets–Segment Four: Ellen Kolb on Life, Religious Liberty, And The Pursuit of Media Responsibility

by Steve MacDonald April 14, 2013

In the Fourth and final Segment of this weeks podcast Skip and Steve talk with longtime New Hampshire life Advocate Ellen Kolb about the HHS mandate, the GOP and Social Issues, Kermit the Killer Gosnell, the missing media, Planned Parenthood and more. Due to a technical problem the first few minute of this segment were […]

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Pro-Global Warming Climate-Change Flat-Earthers Busted for Lying….AGAIN!

by Steve MacDonald April 4, 2013

The Climate Flat-Earthers, the warming zealots who refuse to acknowledge any observation that contradicts the dogma of their pseudo-scientific faith,  were recently busted again.  This time it was Shaun Marcott who lied, accepted accolades for his lie, promoted the lie, and after getting caught backed off quietly, knowing that the same media that over-sold his […]

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There’s Bias and then there’s Hyper Bias

by Scott Morales March 15, 2013

Speaking of media bias, let me ask you to characterize the following in a pithy little phrase such as “media bias” and see what you come up with. Let’s suppose a Senator, a white middle-aged loin following male Senator, is accused of following his loin into under-aged brothels and cavorting in such trade illegally while […]

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