The hidden inventor of Bitcoin…unmasked.

by Tim Condon June 20, 2013

Here is Ted Nelson—inventor of the the words “hypertext,” “hypermedia,” “populitism,” “intertwingularity,” virtuality,” “transclusion,” and last and laughingly…”teledildonics”—setting forth his conjectural proof of a mystery that has baffled all up to now: Who—under the nom de plume Satoshi Nakamoto—invented Bitcoin, released it wild into the World, and promptly disappeared into the ether? An amazing video message from […]

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“Want fries with that?” is not in the working vocab for these graduates.

by Skip November 25, 2012

From Business Insider (via BroBible) comes this list of what some college BA / BS grads can expect: Median Position Starting Salary Mid-career Salary Statistics $49,300 $99,500 Computer Science $58,400 $100,000 Applied Mathematics $50,800 $102,000 Computer Engineering $62,700 $100,500 Electrical Engineering $63,400 $106,000 Nuclear Engineering $66,800 $107,000 Chemical Engineering $67,500 $111,000 3. Actuarial Mathematics $56,100 […]

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