New Hampshire Should Support the Massachusetts Soda Tax

by Steve MacDonald May 18, 2017

The State of Massachusetts is considering a tax on sugary drinks.  OK. Go for it. Every jurisdiction that has imposed their progressive will in this manner has seen a drop in sales and jobs, which migrate just beyond the reach of said tax. I’m no geographer and I don’t play one on the internet, but […]

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Students of the past – and their domicile

by Ed Naile March 10, 2017

NH is not the first state to grapple with how to handle student voters from out-of-state. Those who want to enhance their non-resident votes by taking advantage of our election in a swing state have powerful friends in office, in the courts, and media who don’t mind helping one political party over another. The only […]

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How Gender Politics Could Impact Local Churches

by Steve MacDonald September 21, 2016
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Dustin Siggins joins me to discuss a recent Massachusetts Commission against discrimination draft document titled “Gender Identity Guidance.” We examine how it could affect local churches in the Bay State and what the ramifications could be for free speech and religious freedom. Download this segment | Listen to the entire Podcast Music c/o Kevin MacLeod […]

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Eric Estevez is a Sleazebag not fit for ANY Political Office

by Kimberly Morin July 10, 2016

Eric Estevez is a current New Hampshire State Representative running as a Republican in the Congressional District 2 primary. Some colorful and interesting and downright sleazy things have come to light about Estevez that are important for voters to be aware of.

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Massachusetts: Let’s Punch a $100 Million Dollar Hole in The State Budget

by Steve MacDonald April 29, 2016
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The Massachusetts State Senate voted 32-2 this week to make it illegal to sell cigarettes to anyone under the age of 21. The move follows local laws in several towns that already prohibit sales to those under 21. Experts suggest that taking the rule statewide will reduce the number of smokers in the Bay State […]

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Barbara Anderson – Rest in Peace

by Ed Naile April 13, 2016

Taxpayer champion Barbara Anderson of Citizens for Limited Taxation in Massachusetts has passed, April 8, from a form of Leukemia, which she has been battling for some time. I last saw her two years ago at a function in Arlington, Ma. I was invited to by her organization. She was frail but in good spirits. […]

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The 603 Alliance Needs You to Answer the Call

by Steve MacDonald February 17, 2016
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Many thanks to all of you who worked so hard in New Hampshire to ensure a good turnout for Senator Ted Cruz on February 9th for the NH Primary Election. Our work in New Hampshire is on hold until the next round of voting, but our neighbors in Massachusetts need our help NOW! To volunteer […]

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Make Calls for Cruz – MA Primary Approaches…

by Steve MacDonald February 16, 2016
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The MA primary is coming up and the 603 Alliance is looking for folks willing to make calls for Cruz, from the comfort of your own phone, to registered Republicans in Massachusetts. If you are interested please email me at

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Massachusetts To Pay $1.24 Million on Abortion Buffer Zone Case. Is NH At Risk!?

by Steve MacDonald December 19, 2014
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This week the state of Massachusetts has agreed to pay Eleanor McCullen’s attorneys fees in the sum of $1,241,567 and change. McCullen challenged the Massachusetts abortion clinic buffer zone bill, taking the case all the way to the US Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court overturned  the Massachusetts law by a unanimous 9-0 decision. This […]

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Moonbats of Massachusetts embarrass themselves again – over the Nutcracker

by Kimberly Morin November 26, 2014

Once again the moonbats in Marxichusetts have decided to embarrass themselves.  At a school in Belmont, a trip to see the Nutcracker Ballet was cancelled because some parents found there to be ‘questionable material’ in the production.  From EAGNews: The Butler Elementary School PTA in Belmont, Massachusetts makes an annual trip to the Nutcracker ballet, […]

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Hours of “Racist, Sexist and Homophobic Threats and Slurs”

by Steve MacDonald August 24, 2014
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Deadline Hollywood By the time Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi’s car pulled up to the Steel & Rye restaurant in the picturesque New England town of Milton just outside Boston, one of them ran up to her car and screamed, “We’re gonna bash that pretty face in, you fu**ing whore!” … Angry that the show […]

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Why suffer when Progressive Paradises are so close?

by Don May 20, 2014

Last weekend I traveled through beautiful parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. These nearby beautiful states do all the things that New Hampshire Progressives/Liberals/Socialists complain that New Hampshire doesn’t do. It’s a shame that we have so many unhappy citizens when these Progressive paradises are so close. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York have huge […]

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Vote Fraud – In Pictures “Free Shuttle 8am – 7 pm”

by Steve MacDonald March 21, 2014
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In November 2012, there was some vote fraud.  I know Democrats are denying it, but it is true.  People who should not have voted in the swing state of New Hampshire came here and voted.  Democrats conspired and planned it, statewide. Don’t believe me?  Dozens of blogs identifying them was not enough?  Names, places, connections, […]

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Gun Buying In Massachusetts

by Rick Olson February 20, 2014

Do not ever say that the desire to ‘do good’ by force is a good motive. Neither power-lust nor stupidity are good motives.  —Ayn Rand Buying Guns in Massachusetts… H/T RealityAlwaysWins

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Inmate Democrat Lawmaker…Sounds Like Progress!

by Steve MacDonald January 30, 2014
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Massachusetts state Rep Carlos Henriquez (D) must have his eye on the speaker’s chair.  He’s serving six months of ‘practice’ in a Billerica jail cell.  Henriquez was convicted for backhanding, punching, and choking a girlfriend, but refuses to resign. The Boston Herald is reporting that the Massachusetts House is trying to get him to resign, […]

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GrokTALK! With Guest Michael Graham

by Steve MacDonald December 10, 2013
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Our first guest this week (12-7-13) is author, comedian, columnist for the Boston Herald, and Conservative talk show host, Michael Graham. The Groksters speak with Michael about about Scott Brown being foisted on New Hampshire; the upcoming NH Senate race, the tire-iron of ObamCare and why we should use it on every Democrat candidate, the […]

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Firearms Records Bureau v. Simkin

by Steve MacDonald September 11, 2013
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Update: Fixed Link to case In early August a firearms/right to carry case was settled in the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts that has some significant ramifications but that has been grossly under-reported, if it has been reported at all. Nashua, New Hampshire resident and Federally Licensed Firearms dealer Jay E. Simkin (Attorney Penny Dean), […]

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Massachusetts Software Tax Could Impact NH Business? I have a Solution!

by Steve MacDonald August 21, 2013
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CONCORD, N.H. —A Massachusetts sales tax applied to computer software design services may affect some New Hampshire businesses with a presence in the state. The tax took effect July 31. The 6.25 percent sales tax in Massachusetts now applies to “certain services relating to computer system design and to modification, integration, enhancement, installation, or configuration […]

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I am Here To Solve Their Problem

by Steve MacDonald August 6, 2013

I have a solution for companies confused by the New Massachusetts State Software services Tax that just went into effect.  Move to New Hampshire. Miami Herald – According to the state revenue department, the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax now applies to “certain services relating to computer system design and to modification, integration, enhancement, installation, […]

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Is Increased ‘Tobacco Tourism’ on the New Hampshire Horizon?

by Steve MacDonald June 26, 2013

New Hampshire Democrats, in their race to the bottom with other New England States, like to raise taxes here–on items like tobacco–so they can grow government but still claim to have a slightly lower tax than those other Democrat run cesspools. This, of course, does not work. Three or four years ago, after NH Democrats […]

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The Anthony Weiner of Worcester Might Run Again?

by Steve MacDonald June 18, 2013

Former member of the Massachusetts House, Rep John P. Fresolo, who was accused of sharing photographic evidence of his “little House member” on the computer of a female State House staffer, was put on paid leave, said he would not resign, and then resigned–ending the ethics investigation against him, and three and a half weeks […]

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Stella Tremblay Already Proven Right – Sort of…

by Steve MacDonald April 30, 2013

Democrats love to dither over context, so here’s a stick in your eye. Tremblay, who bless her heart refuses to back down despite being badgered by the left over her own personal concerns about US government sponsored domestic terrorism with regard to the Boston Marathon bombing, was–to some degree at least–correct.   Skip provided that tid-bit […]

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Free Stater or Out-of-Stater? Pick one: The New Hampshire Advantage, or the Massachusetts/ New Jersey way….

by Tim Condon October 31, 2012

Take your choice! Here’s a nice little explanatory essay by state Representative (and Free Stater) Andrew Manuse, entitled “We’re All Free Staters Now!”:

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The Irony Alligator Rises To Bite Liz Warren In Her…um…’Law Practice.’

by Steve MacDonald September 24, 2012

I’m having an Irony and hypocrisy overload.  Where to start?  Did you hear the one about Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren…? From Legal Insurrection Warren represented not just Travelers, but numerous other companies starting in the late 1990s working out of and using her Harvard Law School office in Cambridge, which she listed as her office […]

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You’re Messin’ With The Wrong People

by Steve MacDonald August 27, 2012

Democrats are not just hypocrites they are violent ones.  They excuse themselves from the rule of law and the rule of decency, any rule at all actually, if it in any way obstructs their blind pursuit of political power, or the advancement of their extremist agenda. Today’s lesson comes from  Massachusetts where Democrat (and candidate […]

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Minorities, The Elderly, And The Poor Shut Out of Massachusetts Democrat State Party Convention

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2012

Just doing my morning reading when what to my wondering eyes should appear…but a link to the Massachusetts Democrat Committee Delegates Guide for their 2012 Convention (Which is happening today, right now.)  It looks like the Democrats in Massachusetts don’t want minorities, the elderly, or the poor to participate in their state party.  Just scoot […]

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HB-1412 “WARNING! Massachusetts Border 500 FEET” [Updated]

by Steve MacDonald January 23, 2012

Want to send a message about the differences between New Hampshire and Massachusetts?  Make people ask why we might want to pass a house Bill that would allow the placement of “Warning” signs 500 feet before the border on every road leading from New Hampshire into Massachusetts.  That is what HB 1412 would do. Commissioner […]

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New Hampshire Advantage Strikes Again

by Steve MacDonald January 12, 2012

“New Hampshire is a very cost-effective opportunity for us to build out and grow the company,” he said. “Definitely that facility, staying in the area where we’re at, provided the most business advantages for us and that growth.” -Enterasys President and CEO Chris Crowell in the Union Leader. Enterasys is moving 540 jobs to Salem […]

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Bay State Transplants Support the Sign Warning Bill While “Mass-holes” Oppose it

by Rick Olson December 20, 2011

“There is nothing more likely to start disagreement among people or countries than an agreement.” —E. B. White Today’s Union Leader Editorial weighed in on House Bill 1412, referred to as the, “Massachusetts New Hampshire Warning Sign Act.” The UL likes the bill, but opines the measure does not go far enough. The folks over […]

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Prison Reform. Do We Need Some?

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2011

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson has a few idea that remind me of my visit with Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona (here and here); a willingness to make incarceration just that. More like punishment, less like a gated country club.

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