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NH GOP – fallout from the Annual Meeting

I was forwarded this email by Mary Bonser and she has given permission to publish it (emphasis mine, not Mary’s).  I do wonder if the NH GOP will accept its warnings? After all, now former NH GOP Chair Wayne MacDonald claims that blogs are ruining the Party.  Which is yet another problem – if a lowly blog can ruin an entire State Republican Party, one of two things is true (after Mary’s Letter):

Regina Birdsell, Chairman
Rockingham County Republican Committee
P.O. Box 772
Exeter, NH 03833

January 27, 2013

Dear Regina,

Please accept my resignation as a Committee Member and Area 3, Vice Chairman for the Rockingham County NH Republican Committee. I will also be leaving the Republican Party.

As a woman in my sixty’s this is not a decision that I make lightly, as I have been a Republican all of my adult life. However, it is something I have been seriously considering for almost 2 years as I have watched the NH Republican Party lose its noble purpose and stumble in on itself.

Saturday’s Annual Republican State Committee Meeting was a watershed moment for me and for the NH Republican Party.

At the meeting it became clear that the party has no idea that it is in a rut of inconsequentiality and proceeded in major ways to dig the rut deeper. It was a ridiculous demonstration of awarding people who have failed demonstratively with, what amounted to, “participation awards”, merely for showing up, apparently.

I can no longer waste my time with a party that operates in a stifling bell jar of delusions of former grandeur. The NH Republican Party is now the pathetic old high school football star that still wears his “letter” jacket and hangs out in the town square as the world leaves him farther and farther behind. The NH Republican Party has lost its way and doesn’t know it, and doesn’t want to know it, and anyone who tries to tell them is marginalized and even demonized.

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Mr Murphy Goes to Meredith – Our Own Skip Murphy is Nominated for National Committeeman

Mr Murphy Goes to Meredith – Our Own Skip Murphy is Nominated for National Committeeman

At the conclusion of a long day of NHGOP politicking, National Committeeman Steve DuPrey was renominated by Grant Bosse, and then a dark horse was proposed for the position: Mary Bonser nominated our very own Skip Murphy.
Listen to the nominations, the candidate speeches, and the final results for National Committeewoman and Committeeman: