Choke on It Gun Grabbing Marxists

by Steve MacDonald July 17, 2014
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Detroit Police Chief says “if more citizens were armed criminals would think twice about attacking them, and criminals appear to be thinking at least twice–crime is dropping in Detroit. The chief of Detroit police credited legally armed residents for a substantial decrease in crime in a city that desperately needs it. “Criminals are getting the […]

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Can’t tell a player without a scorecard

by Susan Olsen May 4, 2013
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Conservatives Financially Supporting American Progressivism?

by Rick Olson March 15, 2013

“Progressive rhetoric has the effect of concealing social crisis and moral breakdown by presenting them as the birth pangs of a new order.”  —Christopher Lasch Yes. It is true. Wittingly or unwittingly, Many liberty-minded, Constitutional Conservatives are financially supporting Socialist-Progressive causes in America. Want to know for sure? Talk insurance. Specifically, Progressive Insurance. You know […]

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That Pesky Second Amendment

by Rick Olson February 16, 2013

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” —Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, adopted on December 15, 1791 In a world where liberals view the constitution as a, “living document”, whereby the […]

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An End To Presidential Term Limits?

by Rick Olson January 8, 2013

“How come liberals never admit that they’re liberal? They’ve now come up with a new word called ‘progressive,’ which I thought was an insurance company but apparently it’s a label.” —Marco Rubio  Obstinate continuance in a particular course of action despite ongoing and continued opposition encapsulates the very definition of Persistence. Such is the case of […]

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Another, more descriptive term for Capitalism?

by Skip December 25, 2012

Innovationism: Deirdre McCloskey says somewhere that a better name for capitalism is “innovationism” – innovationism unleashed only in societies in which private property rights are at least reasonably secure, freedom of contract is at least reasonably the norm, markets are at least reasonably free, and (importantly) the multitude of bourgeois merchants and accountants and actuaries […]

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Bill Whittle on, “You Didn’t Build That”

by Rick Olson July 25, 2012
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Has #OWS or #ONH Inspired Local Action?

by Steve MacDonald November 16, 2011

Nothing says redistribute the wealth like stealing a Generator from Comcast. That’s what 99%er John P. Boisvert Jr., 34, of 5 Red Gate Lane Meredith did during the big power outage. Comcast is a great big company with so much cash they just leave generators laying around. Boisvert was observed “liberating” the generator from its capitalist oppressors and was later arrested for stealing.

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Captain Obvious Gets More Affirmation- And why Democrats MUST Be Removed From Power

by Steve MacDonald October 27, 2011

“Why would an anti-gun administration knowingly force licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to violent criminals?”

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The Sweet “Extreme 16″

by Steve MacDonald October 15, 2010

Mary Jane Wellner and Marjorie Smith, who head the Committee to elect House democrats, (and we must assume Ray Buckley) have themselves a new web page.  It’s called the Extreme 16.  It’s some lame left wing fund-raising gimmick that pits 16 Republican House candidates against each other and asks (presumably democrat) visitors to vote to […]

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