Support Obama’s Choice for his Successor, Marx for President!

by Scott Morales September 27, 2013

Mark Dice is at it again. He collected many signatures on a petition to support Obama’s choice for the next President of the United States, Karl Marx. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”- Orwell’s O’Brien, 1984 We’re closer than you think…watch.    

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Excuse me, Miss Sullivan….

by Susan Olsen January 2, 2013

…about that editorial….the girls over at said ‘Yo!’. H/T

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Notable Quote: Max Eastman (Socialism Doesn’t Jibe with Human Nature)

by Steve MacDonald October 15, 2012

“It seems obvious to me now–though I have been slow, I must say, in coming to the conclusion–that the institution of private property is one of the main things that have given man that limited amount of free-and-equalness that Marx hoped to render infinite by abolishing this institution.  Strangely enough, Marx was the first to […]

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