Martin Niemoller

Fired-Fox: GayStapo Drive Out 1 CEO And Millions Of Customers

by Mike April 8, 2014

This IS a culture war – Riffing of Skip’s rant last night: “The Progressive Purificationist Hangman”, I compared the the encroachment of the totalitarian left upon out culture and morality with the verse by Niemoller: First they came for the societal issues, but I didn’t speak up, for it didn’t affect me. Then they came […]

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Useful Idiots…. OR First Amendment, Second Amendment

by Mike January 14, 2013

Pete, DaTechGuy, posted a piece today entitled “2nd Amendment, 1st Amendment it’s all the same…” which lamented that the press doesn’t get it with regard to Obama’s threat to curtail gun rights, and asks if one amendment is no longer sacrosanct, what about the others? I say that these folks are just today’s version of […]

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They Can’t Criminalize Us After The Fact – Ex Post Facto Legislation Prohibited

by Mike December 30, 2012

Remember those powerful clauses in the Bill of Rights with words like “Congress shall make no law….”, “Congress shall not infringe…”? Well there are other equally powerful clauses right up front in Article I which deserve our attention as DiFi, Mario Junior (Andrew Cuomo), and BarryO talk about criminalizing guns that we have already obtained […]

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