Mark Fernald

New Hampshire Democrat Wants to “Revoke …Tax Cuts Businesses Didn’t Ask For”

by Steve MacDonald September 13, 2018

Remember when we said your voting record matter? We’ve got another example, and it ties in nicely with our congratulations to Republican Dan Hynes on his election win. He beat out one of those squishy Republicans with a lousy voting record in the State Senate District 9 primary. Terry Wolf is reputed to be a Bill Greiner […]

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“Ax The Property Tax” and Replace it With What?

by Steve MacDonald August 2, 2018

Mark Fernald is a Democrat in New Hampshire. He is running for the New Hampshire State Senate. His campaign signs say “Ax the Property Tax.” If that sounds too good to be true it is because it is. But even if we believe him, which we should not, all you need do to debunk this act […]

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Let’s remind people why we split from King George and beat the Redcoats

by Skip August 1, 2018

Only $15 (down from $22.95) – isn’t competition and Capitalism grand? No, this is not an ad by Libertarian COuntry on the ‘Grok.  Rather, it’s a reminder of how far stalwart Liberty loving Americans (as opposed to the Berni-bros and Ocasio-Cortez’ers slouching to Socialism) were willing to stand up to abusers and oppressors.  Taxation for a limited […]

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Nothing says real volunteer grassroots like “pay is $12.00 an hour”, eh Mark Fernald?

by Skip October 4, 2012

From a reader comes this missive from Mark “I WANT AN INCOME TAX on NH workers!!” Fernald.  I guess it is a NH Democrat Value that “Grassroots” doesn’t mean what it does to Conservative activists – not just the passion about an issue or candidate, nor for the feeling of banding together voluntarily to get […]

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Mark Fernald Needs New Material for His Income Tax Arguments

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2012

Mark Fernald wants New Hampshire to have an income tax before he dies.  It appears to be one of his deepest desires.  So desperate is this need that he is willing to reuse debunked rhetoric to ensure he is not prohibited from having the chance to get one. Yesterday, over at Windham Patch, Fernald had […]

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Words Are Not Necessary

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2011
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Mark Fernald as “Hugh Jihass”

by Steve MacDonald January 24, 2011

Hugh Judette? About Hugh JiHass? Did Fernald fall for it, or did he plant it. You decide?

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