Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Town Hall Meeting
Hollis, NH, Feb 23rd

by Mike March 1, 2015

Marco Rubio may or may not be your perfect candidate for 2016, but he gives a great speech, from the heart, and clearly loves this country – we could do much worse than him: Pledge of Allegiance and Introduction           Q+A Session with Democrat plants(!)

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GrokTALK! – Marco Rubio At the RCRC Washington – Lincoln – Reagan Dinner (Audio)

by Steve MacDonald May 12, 2014
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US Senator Marco Rubio was the keynote speaker at this years Rockingham County Republican Committee Washington / Lincoln / Reagan Dinner.  Skip did the hard work, showing up, getting video, and posting it here and here, but you might prefer to listen on a mobile app like iHeartRadio, Stitcher, TuneIn or iTunes, and that’s why […]

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GrokSHOT! – “The first trick of NH Politics is…”

by Skip May 11, 2014

NH Politics: Jeff Chidester was the Master of Ceremonies at this past Friday’s Rockingham County Republican Washington / Lincoln / Reagan Dinner where US Senator Marco Rubio was the keynote speaker.  While folks were milling about during the dinner break, and Jeff was trying to get the event moving again, he made an astonishing (heh!) […]

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LIVE BLOGGING – the Rockingham Republican Dinner – Keynote Marco Rubio

by Skip May 9, 2014

We’ll keep this up as long as the MiFi holds!  US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is the keynote speaker. Live streaming video by Ustream

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Let me see if I have this right – if we don’t fall in line with Rubio’s comprehensive amnesty bill, we get Obama’s

by Skip August 13, 2013

Executive order?  Oh, so you want us to help you rearrange your deck chairs on your own personal amnesty Titanic? “I believe that this president will be tempted, if nothing happens in Congress, he will be tempted to issue an executive order like he did for the DREAM Act kids a year ago, where he […]

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Blogline of the Day: ” the Lindsey Graham of the Tea Party”

by Skip June 13, 2013

Heh!  From Powerline, speaking on Rubio’s change JUST before the vote from “We secure the border first” to “All you illegals become legal first off”: For many years, I’ve been referring to Lindsey Graham as the “Arlen Specter of the South.” The idea is that, although Graham isn’t as bad as Specter was, he’s the […]

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Oh Kelly?? About your upcoming Immigration vote – Part 1

by Skip June 10, 2013

My Jr US Senator, Kelly Ayotte, make the rounds of the Sunday morning talking head shows to make her announcement that she is in McCain’s sidecar when it comes to voting for the Gang of Eight’s Amnesty Immigration Plan (she also sent me a personal email – hope the NSA read it!): It will take […]

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BlogHeadline of the Day – courtesy of the Gang of Eight Immigration Bill

by Skip May 28, 2013

Now clocked at over 1,000 pages (detailed down to the exact wages to be paid to some classes of immigrants).  This headline courtesy of Powerline: Marco Rubio is “our Republican,” says Chuck Schumer — and with good reason For someone that rumor has him paying attention to the next Prez election, this is not good.  […]

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Cartoon Of The Day: Useful Idiots Club

by Mike April 18, 2013
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Marco Rubio at CPAC

by Steve MacDonald March 16, 2013

When Life gives you video….post it. (Sorry, just not in the writing mood at the moment.)  

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Your American Mainstream Media at Work….

by Tim Condon February 16, 2013

(hat tip to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit)

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Notable Quote – Senator Marco Rubio

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2013

  “I don’t always respond to the president but, when I do, I drink water.  Stay thirsty my friends.” –Senator Marco Rubio

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