Freedom vs “Do what you’re told”

by Skip February 23, 2017

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Cruz Calms Farmer Angry About Proposed Ethanol Subsidy Rollback

by Steve MacDonald February 1, 2016
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Sooper Mexican |  You can sense how angry the farmer is, but Cruz employs his impressively deep knowledge of the subject to explain calmly why his policies will HELP farmers, even though he’ll phase out the government subsidy. Maybe the farmer was just being nice at the end, but he went from total anger to […]

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Mandate Mandate

by Steve MacDonald July 13, 2014
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There is no clearer indication that the false outrage over the Hobby Lobby verdict isn’t getting the rhetorical job done than a bunch of Democrats writing a Bill they know will never pass to fix what they were too afraid to put in the original ACA to begin with. Knowing it would never pass with […]

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If Reid Is Right, And Opponents Are Liars….Why Delay The Mandate?

by Steve MacDonald March 7, 2014
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If ObamaCare is as awesome as Democrats promised… If ObamaCare is not causing people to lose their plans when they were told they could keep them…. If ObamaCare is not increasing costs to businesses and individuals… If ObamaCare is not cutting off patients from Doctors and Hospitals…. If ObamCare is not limiting treatments and access […]

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Carol-Ann Shea-Kuster Was Against It Before “She” Was For It

by Steve MacDonald March 6, 2014
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Carol SEIU-Porter and Ann “Hide your Camera” Kuster are like tiny, little, interchangeable, cogs in the progressive DC machinery.  So it should be no surprise that with re-election coming up they are suddenly in favor of delaying the implementation of an important piece of “job creating” legislation that hard-working American families (children, seniors, single moms, […]

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In the Future the Term ‘ObamaCare’ Might Replace “Screw You”

by Steve MacDonald February 6, 2014
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Welcome to the Democrat’s Health Care Revolution… The Obamacare subsidy cliff is so steep that if you earn just $1 above the threshold, you could end up paying anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $20,000 more for insurance, depending on your age.  Take the case of a couple of 55-year-olds living in St. Croix […]

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GrokTALK! With Speaker Bill O’Brien – Affordable Health Insurance – Without Mandates

by Steve MacDonald February 4, 2014
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Speaker Bill O’Brien reminds us how the government created the problems with health care, then created solutions that just made things worse.  We discuss the decline in the number of available insurers, the decrease in access, and how HB 1541 would open up the market for health insurance, simplify the language in your policy, free […]

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Mandate, Shmandate. Hello There Cliff, I’m Ready To Go

by Scott Morales November 30, 2012

It seems the Republicans in Congress, that are still there, believe they’re wearing a “We held the House this past election, and all we got was this lousy T-Shirt!” T-shirt. And the wily Dems have no problem sidling up to the newly T-shirted and complementing them on its fit and trendiness, “you look fantastic!” Who […]

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I’d Like to Know What New Hampshire Democrats Think About This?

by Steve MacDonald July 17, 2012

I’d like to know what New Hampshire Democrats think about this? Under President Obama’s healthcare law, the HHS can levy $100 per employee, per day against institutions that won’t comply with the (contraceptive) mandate. Therefore, religious employers with hundreds of employees could be fined millions of dollars each year. A 50-employee institution, for example, would […]

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Obama: Charging A Penalty For Not Buying Insurance Bad…

by Steve MacDonald July 4, 2012

The Web is brimming with the bitter bile of Obamhypocrsiy today.  (As it is most days).  But today seems particularly special.  First unpatriotic debt, and now The Divine Mr. O reminds us (Circa 2008) that charging people for not buying insurance is mean.  And he’s not mean like that. Except that he is.  (Are you […]

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Obamacare – Unleash the IRS – Now it gets personal

by Skip July 3, 2012

Conservatives have often said that Obamacare will fundamentally change the relationship between citizens and their Government.  With it being now declared as Constitutional, we may well no longer be citizens that have a Federal Government; we are now subjects as the Feds with the new regulations decreed by the Progressives and the IRS deemed to […]

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I Could Hardly Be Happier…

by Steve MacDonald June 28, 2012

There were only two outcomes from the Supreme Court that would be useful on the Patiend Affordable Care Act.  Complete repeal, or sustaining ObamaCare essentially unchanged.  The Supreme Court chose the latter, more or less.  And this is fine by me. America hates this bill.  A majority of states hate it.  Independents hate it.  But […]

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DaTechGuy at Da Supreme Court

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2012

It’s another big week for ObamScare news as the legislative dumpster filled with the Patient Unaffordable blah blah blah bill gets a taxpayer funded rectal exam, before nine unelected lawyers, at the impressive edifice that is the Supreme Court of the United States of America. I’m not there.  I’m sure you couldn’t make it.  And […]

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