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Rip Van Media

by Skip June 29, 2014

Indeed.  Have no fear, though, that this Rip Van Media (the MSM, lamestream Media) will wake up just in time to do and carry out their Constitutional responsibility (to hound Government) when a Republican replaces the current King Communist Socialist Democrat now in the Oval Office.  DON’T DOUBT ME – I’ve watched it many times […]

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Bypassing the Mainstream Media, again

by Tim Condon March 26, 2013

I’ve written about this before HERE and HERE, for instance. It’s worth repeating. Yesterday I went on a bit of a rant (criticized by several readers as far too mild! There weren’t even any cuss-words!) But in response, one of my friends in the Free State of New Hampshire said this: Pretty good. Now, how do you get […]

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Mainstream Media News Priorities:

by Tim Condon February 18, 2013
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Your American Mainstream Media at Work….

by Tim Condon February 16, 2013

(hat tip to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit)

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The Mainstream Media….

by Tim Condon October 30, 2012

A Harley biker rode by the zoo in Washington, DC and saw a little girl leaning into the lion’s cage. Suddenly, the lion grabbed her by her jacket and tried to pull her inside as her parents screamed. The biker jumped off his Harley, ran to the cage and punched the lion on his sensitive […]

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Romney is losing! I predict a landslide or near landslide…

by Tim Condon October 1, 2012

…for Romney. Remember, you heard it right here first, at New Hampshire’s very own (and yes, we do “dominate the political bandwidth in the Live Free or Die state). Whaaaat!?!  Don’t I know that…

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This lady is p*ssed off!

by Tim Condon September 14, 2012

And I don’t blame her. Does the mainstream media suck? You betcha!

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Reason 2,301,456 why the Media is in the Democrat tank for Obama

by Skip September 13, 2012

Like I said here, the Mainstream Media always picks side in the political battles and will pretty much sink to the occasion of “fair and balanced” when spinning what should be straight news.  The graphic is right: In LIBYA for gosh sakes, where they just fought a major civil war and things STILL haven’t calmed […]

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Thank goodness! Here’s the ABC News apology to the Tea Party member they smeared in connection with the Aurora, CO theatre killings:

by Tim Condon July 25, 2012

The responsible Mainstream Media, in its full glory….

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“Busy Month for Obama Campaign with Fundraisers in Switzerland, Sweden, Paris and Communist China”

by Tim Condon July 16, 2012

I must say, that headline is great (from Gateway Pundit via Drudge Report). So very, very fitting. Not that the swine in the government’s mainstream media will notice or report on it. LOL and thank heaven for the new alternative media.

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