Mahmoud Abbas

White House Pulls No Punches:
Blames Hamas For Rioters’ Deaths

by Mike May 14, 2018

Israel is 70 years old, and America is finally moving her Embassy to Jerusalem. Soon, it will be the 70th anniversary of “Nakba”, the disaster caused by Arab nations instigating an uprising and declaring war against the birth of Israel in 1948, and then abandoning those insurgents when Israel won the war and drove out […]

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Obama Admin Releases $500 Million for the FAA…Nope, Wait!

by Steve MacDonald March 24, 2013

Sorry.  That should read….Obama Admin Releases 500 Million dollars for the FAA PA.  Not Pennsylvania, the Palestinian Authority.  Ben Shapiro reports that the Obamadministration has agreed to allow half a billion dollars to flow into the hands of Mahmoud Hamas Abbas. So screw you air traffic controllers, park rangers, and border agents everywhere.  You Head-Start kids […]

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