Maggie Hassan

Hassan and Shaheen to Attend Dinner Revering ‘Serial Sexual Assaulter’

by Kimberly Morin November 17, 2017

Tonight, New Hampshire Democrats will hold their annual dinner at which they honor two womanizing philanderers, one of whom was accused by multiple women of sexual assault, including rape. The annual Kennedy-Clinton dinner will take place in Hollis and Democrats don’t seem to have any issues with revering these men, even during heightened allegations across […]

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Registered Democrat Attacks US Senator – Shaheen and Hassan have Nothing to Say?

by Steve MacDonald November 8, 2017

Senator Rand Paul was seriously injured last weekend when his neighbor, an anti-Trump Democrat attacked the Senator on his property. Senator Paul has several broken ribs and may not be able to attend to his duties for some time. Neither New Hampshire Senator has made time, that I can find, to say anything about the unhinged, Trump-hating, […]

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New Hampshire Democrats And Dartmouth Professors

by Steve MacDonald September 4, 2017

Because we can’t spend enough time talking about the duplicity of the media and Democrats, on the matter of political violence, we bring you this. In a textbook example of psychological projection, [the media] ascribed to the president actions and motivations which proved to be their own: making excuses for political violence. The claim that President […]

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It seems like they succeeded – what’s the difference now?

by Skip July 8, 2017

Over at Instapundit was this from a NYT piece: Earl Browder concluded that the American-Soviet alliance of World War II would continue after the defeat of Nazi Germany. For this reason, in 1944, he boldly engineered the transformation of the C.P.U.S.A. into a pressure group designed to work within the Democratic Party. Seventy years later, color […]

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Heartless Maggie Hassan Has No Moral Authority on Health Care

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2017

The Democrat junior Senator from New Hampshire, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s mini-me, is parroting the party talking points on health care as instructed. On NHPR the other day she opined on the latest iteration of the Republican Health Care fix (that is only needed because of what the Democrats did to the health insurance market with ObamaCare). […]

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NH Climate Cult Parrots Repeat “Squawking” Points On Trump Dump of Paris Accords

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2017

From NHPR New Hampshire’s Democratic congressional delegation has harshly criticized Republican President Donald Trump for withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate change accord. They said the decision ignored the impact that climate is having on the Granite state and beyond and also cedes the leadership role on containing greenhouse gas emissions to other […]

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Democrats Said Business Tax Cuts in NH Would “Throw The Budget Off” by $100 Million, and They Were Right

by Steve MacDonald February 1, 2017

Remember when Democrats said that the Republicans proposed business tax cuts would lead to a budget shortfall? They were hyperbolic in their pronouncements. Doom. Gloom. Calling the proposal dishonest in what it pays for, Hassan blasted the GOP spending plan, saying corporate tax cuts to businesses based out of state would leave the budget out […]

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Maggie Hassan Against Helping Religious Minorities Fleeing Persecution?

by Scott Morales January 29, 2017

Of course, this is Maggie Hassan we’re talking about, so there is a really, really good chance she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  Let’s give her the benefit of doubt and presume that she hasn’t read the dreadfully scary immigration Executive Order President Trump signed on Friday and that it’s not a reflection of […]

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Sen. Hassan Cites Fake News Story in Confirmation Hearing

by Scott Morales January 10, 2017

Making her Senatorial debut in the DHS confirmation hearing, Senator Hassan cited her deep concern about the Russians hacking the Vermont power grid as the Washington Post reported a few weeks back.  She evidently didn’t get the update that the story was totally debunked and eventually retracted (fake news strikes again!).  Fortunately for Maggs, General […]

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Maggie Hassan’s Gun Control $$: A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

by Kimberly Morin January 5, 2017

Maggie Hassan was paid back to the tune of millions by gun control organizations during the senate election as long as she voted AGAINST the wishes of Granite Staters while she was governor. Clearly, getting money far the senate race was for more important to Hassan than ending decades of abuse of her own constituents.

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Anyone But Maggie Hassan Should Have Gone to Turkey

by Steve MacDonald December 26, 2016

Back in early 2014 then Gov. Maggie Hassan violated her travel ban to go on a “very important” trade mission to Turkey. The results are in. Trade with Turkey has dropped off a cliff. Image Credit: Union Leader

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Gifts That Keep On Taking…

by Steve MacDonald November 29, 2016

  UPDATED AND BUMPED – Upon the news that NH Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley is planning to run for Chair of the Democrat National Committee, I thought I’d make it a bit easier for der Google to help them out.  Originally Posted on December 15, 2012. – Skip     by Steve MacDonald I […]

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A Ray of Sunshine

by Tom November 29, 2016

UPDATED AND BUMPED – Upon the news that NH Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley is planning to run for Chair of the Democrat National Committee, I thought I’d make it a bit easier for der Google to help them out.  Originally posted on July 29, 2013. “No, Ray, I cannot bomb the Hague…now, please hang […]

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Sometimes-Republican Kelly Ayotte Loses US Senate Seat to a Real Democrat

by Steve MacDonald November 9, 2016

Ayotte has been ousted from the US Senate. New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, has been elected to the U.S. Senate, ousting incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte, the New Hampshire secretary of state confirmed on Wednesday. Hassan won by a narrow margin, recording 354,640 votes to Ayotte’s 353,617, according to a final tally posted online […]

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Familiar Tune: Maggie Hassan Returning Questionable Campaign Donations Again

by Steve MacDonald October 31, 2016

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan is returning questionable campaign contributions (again) after an investigation by the Boston Globe. A Boston Law firm gave “bonuses” to employees after they donated to political campaigns. The investigation by the Globe Spotlight team and the Center for Responsive Politics found that three partners of Thornton Law Firm and one […]

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Did Maggie Hassan Get Illegal Campaign Money From Turkey?

by Steve MacDonald October 30, 2016

I admit to crowdsourcing this, and I apologize, but I just don’t have the time. I do however have time to hint at connections that could turn out to be true. Maggie Hassan went to Turkey. Maggie Hassan is a long time Clinton shill and apologist. Hillary has recently been linked to illegal campaign dollars from […]

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Taxpayers Forced to Fund Hassan’s Massive Chicago Fundraising Haul

by Steve MacDonald October 25, 2016

When it comes to fundraising, Governor Maggie Hassan does it the Chicago Way – sticking the taxpayers with the bill For Immediate Release: October 24, 2016 Contact: Derek Dufresne 202-809-6013 MANCHESTER – On February 29 2016, Governor Maggie Hassan traveled to Chicago, Illinois to raise money for her U.S. Senate campaign. How much money? […]

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Something is Rotten in the State of New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald October 19, 2016

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) highlighted a disturbing pattern of cronyism in state government that arose over the past week.  Last Thursday, the public learned that the Agriculture Commissioner, who is lobbying hard for a bailout of dairy farmers, would be a top recipient of taxpayer funds under such a bailout.  […]

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Gov. Hassan Invents Exec. Privilege To Hide Documents from Public

by Steve MacDonald October 18, 2016

For Immediate Release – October 18, 2016 Contact: Greg Moore (603) 303-9297 Americans for Prosperity Blasts Governor’s Efforts to Invoke Non-Existent ‘Executive Privilege’ to Illegitimately Hide Documents from Public MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today blasted Governor Hassan’s office for attempting to hide documents from the public through the use of […]

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More Child Neglect On Maggie Hassan’s Watch

by Steve MacDonald October 17, 2016

Maggie Hassan and her hubby (the School President) sat on Campus at Phillips Sexeter Academy doing nothing while cases of child sexual abuse were hidden from parents. Today, the Union Leader is reporting more neglect as news breaks of a rising caseload at DCYF that produced no reaction from the Governor’s office. Starting in late 2012, monthly assessments […]

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Maggie Hassan’s Pay-to-Play: No-Bid Contracts Worth Millions to Campaign Donors

by Steve MacDonald October 15, 2016

From Rich Girard’s News Read yesterday: looks like Maggie Hassan is giving away no-bid contracts in exchange for campaign contributions. Is Governor Margaret Wood Hassan presiding over a pay to play scheme in the awarding of state contracts?  Curious minds want to know, at least on the Republican side of the aisle.  Republican State Committee […]

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M.I.A. Maggie

by Steve MacDonald October 15, 2016

  Forwarded to me by NH State Senator Kevin Avard. CONCORD – In today’s Union Leader, State Senator Regina Birdsell penned an op-ed criticizing Governor Maggie Hassan for her lack of focus on key projects that will help New Hampshire. Read the entire op-ed here or check out the excerpts below: “Gov. Maggie Hassan has […]

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Avard questions $3.7 million in unspent funds for DD-waitlist in FY ‘16

by Steve MacDonald October 10, 2016

Concord, NH – Today, Senator Kevin Avard (R-Nashua) issued the following statement after learning there are $3.7 million in unspent funds for Developmental Disabilities Waitlist in FY 16, with 166 citizens still waiting for services according to the latest dashboard issued in July. This information came to light as part of the Agency Requests submitted […]

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Repudiate him, now

by Ellen Kolb October 7, 2016

This just in: Trump is a vulgar lout.  Oh, wait. We knew that. But at least he’s not Clinton. Oh, wait – we knew that, too. Every woman inundated with campaign phone calls and palm cards and TV commercials and web ads about how one or the other is better for women ought to be […]

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Covering for “Horrible on Health Care” Hassan

by Steve MacDonald October 3, 2016

Sylvia Kennedy, MD has been supporting Democrat campaigns with her cash for decades (she was part of Doctors for Dean in 2003) and from her soap box for almost as long. Today she has a letter to the editor in the Eagle Tribune apeing the”Maggie Hassan is the champion of family health care and Kelly Ayotte is not” […]

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Voting for Maggie Hassan is Suicide

by Steve MacDonald October 2, 2016
Thumbnail image for Voting for Maggie Hassan is Suicide

One of Dem. Maggie Hassan’s PAC buddies have an attack Ad out against Sen. Ayotte claiming increased gun deaths in NH when there was only 4 gun related killings all year. The PAC includes suicides without saying so while claiming that Ayotte’s opposition to more pointless Democrat gun control legislation is to blame for their numbers. […]

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Maggie Hassan patronizes and demeans Granite State women

by Kimberly Morin August 24, 2016

Maggie Hassan sent a press release that attempts to highlight her “Priorities for Women and Families” before Women’s Equality Day on Friday. Hassan makes her usual false claims that she’s essentially been making year after year after year. She never does follow through and she continues to patronize women and demean them by treating them […]

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Maggie Hassan Should Reject Hillary Clinton

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2016
Thumbnail image for Maggie Hassan Should Reject Hillary Clinton

The headline reads, ‘Ayotte needs to reject Donald Trump.’ The context is “50 national security and foreign policy experts” who, describe Donald Trump as “not qualified to be President and Commander-in-Chief” and lacking “the character, values and experience to be President.” The author is Larry Drake of Portsmouth, Chair of the Portsmouth Democrat Committee, part of a […]

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Hypocrisy: Hassan says Trump hurts Ayotte. Has amnesia about vile Clinton history

by Kimberly Morin August 9, 2016

Yesterday the Seacoast online reported that Maggie Hassan believes she knows why Senator Kelly Ayotte’s poll numbers have dropped. Hassan believes it is because of Ayotte’s support for Donald Trump. Ayotte said from the beginning of the election season that she would support the Republican nominee.

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PP contract & Hassan/Van Ostern ethics: “unofficial sources” yawn

by Ellen Kolb August 7, 2016

Darlene Pawlik, New Hampshire citizen, thought there was something fishy about politicians taking campaign funds from one branch of Planned Parenthood and then supporting state contracts with another PP branch. She recently filed an ethics complaint with the Executive Branch Ethics Committee, asking that the committee look into those fishy actions by Governor Maggie Hassan […]

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