NH GOP Elected Politicians – Trust? We don’t need to build Trust. What a quaint idea you have!

by Skip May 14, 2018

And then some high up GOPe-er rants about “We need to reverse the trend of voters preferring Democrats over Republicans“? Sorry, I’ve already digressed; that will be another series of posts. But keep it in mind as you read the following. And they wonder why I added the word “Snarl” to my blogging vocabulary because […]

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BlogObservation of the Day – Loyalty

by Skip January 30, 2017

And there’s dang little of it around anymore – especially in politics: “People trust their leaders not only because of their competence but also because of their courage and commitment, and because they believe that their leaders will remain with their own in times of crisis rather than being helicoptered to the emergency exit. Paradoxically, […]

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And now, Al Letizio wants to go offline….no luck with that one.

by Skip April 8, 2015

Yes, I got off track with other things – seems to be an easy thing lately (getting distracted).  So, we get near the end of this sorry trail with Al Letizio – the guy who wasn’t happy with Grokster Kimberly’s posts and wanted me to yank them.  And yet, even with his protestations of malfeasance […]

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Inigo Montoya Weighs In On Shawn Jasper

by Susan Olsen December 3, 2014

“2015-H-0287-R: revising the legislative ethics laws and the guidelines of the legislative ethics committee.  Sponsors: (Prime) Shawn Jasper”

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Tweedle dee……

by Susan Olsen December 2, 2014
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This is the definition of “Having one’s back”?

by Skip March 30, 2014

“Having one’s back” – the trust that one places in another that no matter the situation, no matter the circumstances, the other guy will be steadfast, present, and loyal.  It’s that last term that seems to be such a nuthingburger in politics where if political speed of movement could be measured when the mud starts […]

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“You’re picking my pocket and then you’re asking me for a handout”

by Skip December 26, 2013

“Why are the Republicans willing to “own” the perceptions that they hate the military?” This has reminded me of a post that I have, thus far, failed to post.  I will be rectifying that Real Soon Now (a “Pournellism”).  In the mean time, read this from a US Military veteran when asked for money in […]

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