Palate Cleanser – pure baby joy

by Skip December 19, 2017

“Borrowed” straight from Instapundit: I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH: A sailor meets his child for the first time following the guided-missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf’s (CG 72) return to homeport. Dunno if I would be considered a baby but when TMEW and I met both of our boys coming home from long deployments (Afghanistan, Iraq) at […]

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If God Exists…

by Steve MacDonald June 21, 2016
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Does life have some ultimate purpose? Are good and evil real? Does our love for others mean something? Or is all just a random act of chance doomed to end in oblivion? Peter Kreeft, philosophy professor at Boston College, explains why even atheists should want there to be a God … Prager U

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New York New York

by Susan Olsen June 25, 2015

“Since we’re debating flags and such, this is the official seal of Whitesboro New York“ H/T Ace

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People of the Cross To Isis

by Scott Morales April 23, 2015

  H/t Kathryn Jean Lopez, NRO

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I don’t fashion that to be love at all!

by Skip February 21, 2015

This caught my eye over at The Corner last night – a riff on Rudy Giuiliani’s saying that he doesn’t believe Obama loves America (emphasis mine): Obama Loves America, in His Fashion I think Obama does love America; he just has a funny way of showing it. Some people see love as a partnership: “I love you, […]

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Sometimes, we do find out why dogs are man’s best friends…

by Susan Olsen December 25, 2012

(H/T: Grokster Susan’s brother as a Christmas gift to all!)

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RNC 2012 Notable Quotables…

by Scott Morales August 31, 2012

Here are some notable quotes from the 2012 RNC.  I’m sure I missed some… “… Biden is the intellect of the Democratic Party” — Clint Eastwood “My dad was a bartender….You see, he stood behind the bar all those years so that one day I could stand  behind a podium…” – Sen. Marco Rubio “…instead […]

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Yes, as a matter of fact, that IS me in my classic convertible. And yes, I’ve still got the touch, even after all these years….

by Tim Condon May 27, 2012
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Another Plague On Marriage (and the culture..?)

by Steve MacDonald April 2, 2011

Pornography is an addiction. The pleasure derived from it is neurochemical, no different than any other pharmaceutical high. Men are particularly susceptible. And the culture continues to shift towards a society where porn is like aspirin. Cheap, readily available, and an acceptable daily supplement for whatever ails you. But it is no less destructive to the consumer (I’m not addressing the affects inside the industry here) than any of the other declining cultural ‘advances’ of the past few decades.

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