Cognitive Dissonance….?

by Susan Olsen November 17, 2016
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And the “Purple Binkie” award goes to…..

by Susan Olsen December 2, 2014

“Jasper left the building before the announcements were complete and wasn’t on hand for comment.”  And now he wants to be a kingmaker?

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Well, what do you know – Andy Martin mentioned us. Is it time to swoon yet?

by Skip January 21, 2013

“You are probably wondering why I’m running for [NH GOP] state chairman. I think we could almost adopt the slogan, “Vote for Andy: No One Likes Him!” The party “Establishment” probably shudders at the mention of my name. And the right-wing, pseudo-Brit Groksters think of me as a form of fertilizer, or religious nightmare or […]

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