Merrimack High School ‘Drug Sweep’

by Steve MacDonald May 15, 2017

I just received this voice mail from the Principal of Merrimack High School. “Good afternoon this is Ken Johnson principal of Merrimack High School. I’m calling to invite you to consult our school or district website for important information about plans for upcoming drug sweep of Merrimack High School. This week we’re involving a number […]

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Why Should Almost Everyone Have at Least Some Basic Firearms Training?

by Steve MacDonald November 5, 2015
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Why should almost everyone have at least some basic firearms training? Well, think of all the time and money we’ll save JUST on education… when almost everyone knows what a gun actually looks like. CBS Boston | SOUTHBRIDGE (CBS) — The Southbridge Middle/High School was locked down Wednesday afternoon after students reported seeing a weapon. The building […]

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Instead of a Lockdown of the Day™

by Steve MacDonald September 24, 2014
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Oh No, Ammo! Instead of a Lockdown of the Day™, a good story. Some ammunition fell out of the jacket pocket of an upperclassman at Oyster River High School in Durham, New Hampshire on Thursday, and in a increasingly vanishingly rare moment of sanity, nobody freaked out, and the student is not being expelled or […]

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Municipalities and martial law

by Susan Olsen April 25, 2013

“Of the many uncomfortable truths emerging from last week’s bombing and subsequent manhunt—including the fact that American cities are still vulnerable to Islamic terrorism—one of the most troubling but least talked-about is the fact that martial law may now become part of the municipal playbook.” Lockdown.  

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Research Opportunity for Todd I. Selig?

by Steve MacDonald April 19, 2013

Durham Town Administrator Todd I. Selig, according to this report, is in lock-down at Harvard.    He’s supposed to be there for an executive course in negotiations but perhaps this will afford him the opportunity to ‘research’ his next editorial? (see here, here, here, here, and/or here.) Remarking on his purpose for being at Harvard, and the lock-down,  Selig said… “Negotiation isn’t only asserting one’s […]

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