Lisa Jackson

Fake EPA Employee Received Awards for Ethics and Email Records Management

by Steve MacDonald June 11, 2013

High ranking members of the most transparent administration in history have already been tied to fake email addresses used to hide conversations from prying eyes and Freedom of Information act requests.  Lisa Jackson at EPA was one of them.  She used the alias Richard Windsor, a fake EPA employee, whose email address permitted Jackson to […]

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Runs like a Deere….no thanks to a sniveling Lowe’s

by Skip December 30, 2012

I still miss the ole’ Suburban.  What’s not to like about a land yacht that had a really nice comfy bench seat in the front where TMEW would sit right next to me, a long wheel base to smooth out the bumps, 4wd to take care of the ravine that one must pass to get […]

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Ding dong……..sorta.

by Susan Olsen December 29, 2012

H/T Daily Caller

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Obama Celebrates Increased Oil and Gas Production, As He Plots to Kill it!

by Mike October 25, 2012

In the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, Obama hopes to profit by the booming economies buoyed by fracking, even as he transmits to comrade Lisa Jackson “you’ll have more flexibility (to kill fracking) after the election”! First, this clip from Ann and Phelim:

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