Lisa Benson

MSM Can’t Handle The Truth?

by Mike February 23, 2017
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O’Keefe Embarasses Democrat Gun Grabbers

by Mike July 12, 2016

They’re back!! Just like they embarrassed the New York newspaper who wanted to ‘out’ gun owners by publishing addresses, The Project Veritas finds that Congressional staffers aren’t so keen to advertise their lack of armaments as they are to take away yours – hmmm…. When everybody is disarmed, only criminals and government (but I repeat […]

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Everybody Gets An Award – We’re Number 12!

by Mike January 20, 2014

Skip has all the depressing details of our fall from economic grace, here.

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‘Promise’ And ‘Obama’ In One Sentence – Who’s He Kidding?!?

by Mike January 10, 2014

Yet another Democrat scam to pick our pockets while totally failing to improve the lot of the poor. Let’s face it, anything with Obama’s ‘signature’ on it is more likely to look like this…

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Cartoon Of The Day – Organizing For Access

by Mike February 28, 2013

First, there was the trouble Obama’s campaign staff were having with their rebranding effort, then there were the reports that the new incarnation of Obama For America/ Organizing For America/ Organizing For Action is in fact more like “Organizing For Access”, with $500k getting you quarterly meetings with his highness, and more. Add in the […]

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Cartoons Of The Day – Sequestration Edition

by Mike February 22, 2013

Obama doesn’t take spending cuts seriously, so let’s join in the fun….

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And They Called Bush A Cowboy!

by Mike February 6, 2013
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Well, This Sums It Up Neatly!

by Mike December 28, 2012

Well, that just about sums up how it feels to be a law-abiding gun owner these days.

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Cartoon(s) of the Day – Bain vs Bane!

by Mike May 21, 2012
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The Undead TEA Party vs The Dead Democrat Voters

by Mike May 14, 2012

A funny thing happened at the polls this week. Hot on the heels of yet another James O’Keefe expose of how the dead could “vote”, and were probably voting Democrat, we learned that the death of the TEA party has been greatly exaggerated, and those very much living voters trounced RINO Dick Lugar last Tuesday.

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Cartoon of the day 5-26-11 (Demz Budget Plan)

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2011

After 750+ days with no democrat budget…

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