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Keith Erf – candidate for NH State House, Hillsborough County 2 (Weare/Deering)

by Op-Ed August 7, 2018

I’m Keith Erf, candidate for state representative in Weare and Deering. I’m running for State representative to champion limited government. I’ve lived in Weare for 37 years. My wife, Louisa, and I raised four children here where they attended Weare schools. I started my business, KyTek, in 1991 developing automated systems for the publishing industry. As […]

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Jose’ Eduardo Cambrils – candidate for NH State House, Merrimack County 9 (Cantebury/Loudon)

by Op-Ed August 5, 2018

“I am seeking a seat in the NH House of Representatives because of my love for this great State of NH and more specifically the towns of Canterbury and Loudon. I lived in Canterbury for 13 years and still own a beautiful piece of land there. My wife and I have now lived in Loudon for the past 2 years. There […]

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Jonathan Mackie – candidate for NH State House, Belknap 2 (Gilford/Meredith)

by Op-Ed August 5, 2018

I am Jonathan Mackie, a Republican seeking to represent Meredith and Gilford in Belknap District 2. I am a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and have lived in Meredith since 1984. My wife Sue and I own and operate Clearwater Campground and Meredith Woods Four Season Camping Area in Meredith. Although I have not previously […]

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Jeff Day – candidate for NH State House, Hillsborough County District 6 (Goffstown)

by Op-Ed August 5, 2018

Hello, fellow Goffstown residents, Exciting news! I’ve decided to run for state representative. By way of introduction, I am Jeff Day, and I am vying for one of the 5 seats in the NH House representing the town of Goffstown. I am a Goffstown native. I am your neighbor, your friend, your classmate. My kids have gone to school with your […]

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Rick Notkin – candidate for NH State House, Belknap County District 2

by Skip July 13, 2018

Recently I was asked why I was running for NH State Representative. The easy answer would be that I was corralled into it. Really, there was an open seat as one of the reps was not running for re-election so I had an opportunity to “put my money where my mouth was”, so to speak. One of […]

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RRftSotRP – I get stuff. Third lesson: “if only the opposition would just go away or agree with us”

by Skip June 20, 2018

Not a freaking clue: Wow – just wow.  RRftSotRP (Republican Republican for the Sake of the Rebin big steaming piles on this one. The writer is obviously upset in that there is not total agreement with NH GOP Party anointed candidates.  The overriding message is exemplified by this: (courtesy of uber-Progressive Joe Wernig) Er, no, I’m […]

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So Sununu is satisfied with a Socialist entitlement? Government – what can’t it do?

by Skip November 21, 2016

That’s what Democrats think, Chris Sununu.  You see, they have totally rejected the Founding Fathers philosophy that our Liberties are most protected when Government, constrained by our Constitutions, stay within the “negative liberties” – what Government CANNOT DO to you.  The flip side is the old European and Socialist model – Government exists to do […]

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Progressivism – born of a foreign political ideology

by Skip September 5, 2016

So when Progressives talk “improving” America and American Society, ask them: Forward / progressing to WHAT (as in “what IS you end goal and does that square with our Consitution”)? Why do they rejoice in a foreign political ideology and reject our American one? Here’s a good post from the Daily Signal on one piece […]

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Comment Doodlings: NH State Rep Timothy Horrigan – wrong again

by Skip May 9, 2016

And DANGEROUSLY wrong to boot.  At Steve’s post “Has Nashua Democrat Rep. Ken Gidge Found a Magic Money Tree?“, Horrigan The Uber-Progressive decided to haul out that old Leftism meme that Government can’t be wrong because WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT: The United States of America is a republic: we ARE the government. I am not […]

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NH State Senator Jeanie Forrester just announced her candidacy for NH Governor; I have a question you won’t like at all

by Skip March 30, 2016

Given this and the Fiscal Note for the cost of continuing Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion (look at that $47 million dollars/Net General Fund Share) you helped put the State on the hook for: I have a question for you, Jeanie Forrester, now that you have announced for Governorship run.

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Read the First Amendment much, Democrats?

by Skip September 6, 2015

Freedom of Speech, Right of conscious – two pillars of American Exceptionalism that ideas matter and that the Federal Government was PROHIBITED from restricting individuals from their God given and natural law rights.  Yet, it looks like the Democrats in California have both forgotten that little aspect and are all too willing to trample it […]

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Whereby NH Rebellion misses the obvious answer to their question

by Skip January 16, 2015

THE LONG MARCH CONTINUES. The NH Rebellion walk to draw attention to the role of big money in politics has four routes this year: Dixville Notch, Keene, Nashua and Portsmouth. The finish line is at the State House on Jan. 21 — in celebration of the late Doris “Granny D” Haddock’s birthday — but the […]

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Jack Flanagan anecdote – Part 1

by Skip January 8, 2015

Remember, it was the erstwhile NH House “Majority” Leader Jack Flanagan who invited us to this game.   This was just sent in speaking to I was on a committee where Flanagan was for a while. He is very “moderate,” i.e. squishy. He admits that his district doesn’t like conservative Republicans (I don’t buy it, but […]

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Dear Senator Ayotte – A Simple Yes Or No Please.

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2014
Thumbnail image for Dear Senator Ayotte – A Simple Yes Or No Please.

A Letter from a reader to NH US Senator Kelly Ayotte Senator Ayotte: I’d like to remind you that the NH State motto, the state you purport to represent, is “Live Free Or Die”.  Live Free from the tyranny of Government, not without government, but with the liberty of the people.  Taking more and more […]

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Personhood – a basic tenet of Western Civilization

by Skip October 8, 2014

Mark Shiffman, one of our friendliest rivals or least rivalrous friends at Front Porch Republic has posted some important reflections on Christian personhood and limited government.  Here’s a major take-away: Over the course of the history of “Christendom” the consensus of limited government has been developed and maintained by the fact that the communion of personhood which […]

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Notable Quote – Kevin Williamson

by Skip July 29, 2014

The founding ideal of this republic is that we are the who and government is the whom, a necessary evil that is to some degree necessarily evil. On the right scale and in its proper place, that necessary evil is bearable. But when it oversteps, we are under no obligation to bear it — in […]

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OUR State Project: With Progressives, there’s no such thing as “Small Government”

by Skip May 26, 2014

Hilarious! You know, the posts almost write themselves: @ourstateproject Looks like it's the Granitestaters versus the Freestaters. Small Government versus No Government! — North_Of_Boston (@Charles_1944) May 25, 2014 But of COURSE, if your vision of Government is that it must be in charge of everything as Progressives believe, a pronouncement that they are for “small […]

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OUR State Project: What is it about “Free” that has Zandra Rice-Hawkins and Cynthia Chase’s panties in a bunch?

by Skip May 25, 2014

Adding a bit more from Steve’s post on the hysterical OUR State Project Progressives that believe that people who seemingly just want to be left alone by Government are THE existential threat to NH!  Remember, this from people who are out of staters themselves and depend on outside money to attack these people who just want […]

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Once again, we see the Republicans just ducky for moderate candidates

by Skip March 23, 2014

This morning’s CloseUP program’s first segment had NHDP Chair “Buckles” and Republican “strategist” Tom Rath.  The latter had this to say about Scott Brown entering the NH Senatorial campaign: Of course, the President of the United states has described him as a moderate so that’s something that’s pretty good for us I dryly note that […]

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Only the people change….plus some more

by Skip February 7, 2014

After all, some who were self-reliant and were paying for their own health insurance will now be put on the Public Dole (H/T: NetRightDaily with extra visages owned by their owners)

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Progressives: Oh yes we can!

by Skip December 30, 2013

Said no Founding Father.  EVAH!  Tax on a product, tax on a service…yes (more and more grudgingly, even angrily, only in that Govt can’t ever seem to stop growing). The question still remains – given that the Government can now tax you for NOT participating in the economy, by NOT purchasing a commercial offering that […]

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Meet The Press: “We have to reinstitute some trust in Government”

by Skip December 23, 2013

That is what former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on yesterday’s Meet The Press.  Really!  As if someone can just wave a magic wand and go “Poof, there it is”!  It seems like a number of the Ruling Class (and yes, being the Press Secretary does tend to make you a member with sterling […]

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Anybody else see the line that screams “Jr. Partners”?

by Skip December 5, 2013

From Roll Call, on an impending deal between Republicans and Democrats on the Federal Budget: Budget negotiators are nearing a deal that could ease the way for leaders to avert another government shutdown before the 2014 elections, but only if rank and file — particularly in the House — buy into the agreement. Senate Budget […]

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Thanksgiving: Vision vs Reality

by Mike November 28, 2013

Happy thanksgiving anyway, and don’t let the government turkeys get you down!

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This is just too good to be true – what a way to strangle the EPA’s strangulation of the country!

by Skip September 23, 2013

Huffington Post (boy, this musta hurt reporting this): The head of the Environmental Protection Agency says the agency will “effectively shut down” unless Congress approves stopgap funding by Oct. 1. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says the agency won’t be able to pay employees. She says only a core group of people will remain on duty […]

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HB617: Thanks to BOTH NH Democrats AND Republicans, filling up is going to cost us all $0.15 / gallon

by Skip February 21, 2013

Yup, that’s right.  The NH House’s Public Works and Highway Committee members decided that it was so durn important to fix roads and such, they couldn’t be bothered to really set a priority list and bump down others much less important (remember:  “Maggie the Marxist” – she choose diapers over students??  $2 million for adult diapers? […]

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Fiscal Cliff Deal? A classic case of the Left embiggining Government

by Skip December 31, 2012

Update: Current tax rates would be permanently extended for singles making $400,000 or below, and permanently extended for couples making $450,000 or below For singles, capital gains and dividends of $400,000 or below would be permanently taxed at 15 percent; capital gains and dividends above $400,000 would be permanently taxed at 20 percent For couples, […]

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So, Dems in Belknap county, that would mean that you will spend a lot, ignore the Constitution, and grow Govt? AGAIN?

by Skip October 18, 2012

‘Tis the season of political surveys coming in on the phone.  Today, I think I got five, and a whole bunch of hangups which I take to be auto-dials by such companies looking for folks to call later or that with “predictive dialing”, there wasn’t an agent ready when “it” thought there would be when […]

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The emergence of Chief Justice John Roberts….

by Tim Condon June 29, 2012

The Obamacare decision crafted by Chief Justice Roberts…may be the best of all possible outcomes, including striking the whole thing down as unconstitutional. I’ve been mulling the decision over since it was announced yesterday, and have had the persistent feeling that…something is going on here that is not clear. It’s been a nagging suspicion I’ve had […]

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The ease at which a birthright is given away for mere pills…but at least they were free?

by Skip March 7, 2012

My own interpretation of this cartoon is broader than Ramirez perhaps intended. It is not just forcing religious institutions to pay for contraception, etc., that is unconstitutional under the First Amendment. Rather, for the federal government to dictate any coverages that must be included in private insurance policies is well beyond any enumerated power in […]

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