A note to Al Letizio – you made me not forget you.

by Skip May 13, 2015

You know, I had all but finished writing about Mr. Al Letizio – you remember the one, yes?  He’s one of the two Windham Clown Princes of Politics on their School Board – and the good folk bounced the two of them (the other being Dennis Senibaldi) from said Board after the scandal that Kimberly […]

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Notable Quote – Paul Craig Roberts

by Susan Olsen April 29, 2015

“A government that cannot survive truth and must resort to stamping out truth is not a government that any country wants.” Paul Craig Roberts, Institute for Political Economy, April 21, 2015 H/T Ol Remus  

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Hillary’s Most Memorable Lies

by Steve MacDonald April 24, 2015
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The most comprehensive depiction of Hillary lies yet? | Legal Insurrection   America Rising PAC dropped a new video earlier this week and boy does this one sting. This latest addition to the open Hillary oppo file recounts the scandalicious candidate’s most memorable lies in all their video-taped glory. Clinton Fraud Friday is brought to […]

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It’s Clinton Time!

by Ed Naile March 31, 2015

As Hillary marches, falls, stumbles, and waddles towards the Presidency of the United States , an office that no longer holds much luster anyway, you have to remember one thing about the Clintons – time is always on their side. Back when Hillary hired Craig Livingstone to grab as many FBI files of Republican opponents […]

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John Hinderaker – Do Brian Williams Lies Matter?

by Steve MacDonald February 6, 2015
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And what else might they tell us? (Powerline) “”Again, this is pure speculation, but I suspect that Williams’s emotional need to portray himself (in his own mind, not just to outsiders) as someone who braved dangers, was shot at and nearly killed, was part of how he assuaged the guilt that came packaged with the […]

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Arthur Brooks – The Five Biggest Myths About Capitalism

by Steve MacDonald January 19, 2015
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(Prager U) “”Does free enterprise hurt the poor? Is it unfair and driven by greed? Did it cause the Great Recession? In five minutes, Arthur Brooks answers these questions and more about capitalism.””  

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CNN Keeps The Narrative Alive. ALIVE!

by Steve MacDonald January 7, 2015
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Remember that awful, horrible, just awful YouTube Video?  The one that for two weeks was the focus of the Obama Administrations explanation for the ‘spontaneous’ attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi?  The one they lied about for weeks?  Yeah, that one. WMUR News 9 has just posted a story from CNN on the Terrorist […]

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Democrats Were Either In on It, or Completely Fooled By It. Which is Worse?

by Steve MacDonald November 19, 2014
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As Mr. Obama, Democrat leadership, and the state and national party apparatus and apparatchiks, scramble to distance themselves from any ties to the revelations by Jonathan Gruber about how Obama Care was forced down America’s throat (Americans are stupid, we need to lie to them, etc), stop and consider.

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From NHDP to NHGP – The New Hampshire Gruber Party

by Steve MacDonald November 19, 2014
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The New Hampshire Democrat Party has been lying to you for years, about so many things, which will cost you and yours dearly for years to come.  So why not propose a name change, now that we’ve met policy-dreamy, over-paid, and well-connected white-tower “expert” Jonathan Gruber? I think we should call them The New Hampshire […]

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Breaking – NH Democrats Stuck on Stupid

by Steve MacDonald November 18, 2014
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Ray Buckley, New Hampshire’s own outlet for the lies of Jonathan Gruber, has a problem.  He and his party have supported Obama’s endless stream of flip-flops and lies. They have run cover for the most scandal-ridden presidency in the modern era, perhaps ever.  They smeared opponents as Democrats doubled the national debt.  And they fought […]

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Obama v. Obama

by Steve MacDonald November 18, 2014
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Obama’s own worst enemy is…Obama.   (mrctv)

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If You Can’t Recall All The Lies About Obamacare…(or Why They Matter)

by Steve MacDonald November 12, 2014
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If You can’t recall all the lies Democrats (and the media) told about Obamacare this is an excellent place to start, leading you to this… And now, with the statement by Jonathan Gruber we may have reached the ne plus ultra of statements confirming this administration’s essential dishonesty. Here you have one of the consummate […]

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Notable Quote: Holly Williams CBS News

by Steve MacDonald September 30, 2014
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The Obama Administration seems to have changed a few more definitions when it comes to talking about the success of Airstrikes against ISIS The fighters in Mahmoodin village told us that the US-led air strikes against ISIS in Syria have so far had very little impact on the ground.  Like many people, in this part […]

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Scott Brown’s Gun Problem

by Rick Olson August 9, 2014

“Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.” —Col. Jeff Cooper

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Jeb Bradley just lied to his constituents

by Skip July 25, 2014

Like all politicians, NH State Senator Jeb Bradley sends out eblasts all the time.  Now that it is campaign season, everyone should be expecting a whole lot more from all the candidates.  So, why the title?  I think I know – and I believe that Bradley makes it glaringly obvious (reformatted, emphasis mine) in this […]

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Hassan, Shaheen and Shea-Porter spew lies about Hobby Lobby ruling

by Kimberly Morin June 30, 2014

Today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Hobby Lobby couldn’t be forced by the federal government (under Obamacare) to provide contraception that may cause an abortion.  The case first came up back in 2012 when Hobby Lobby discovered they’d be forced to provide contraception to their employees that goes against their religious […]

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White House Bergdahl Spin is Just More B.S.

by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2014
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Yesterday’s White House Bergdahl spin is just more B.S. The Obama administration told senators it didn’t notify Congress about the pending swap of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban officials because of intelligence the Taliban might kill him if the deal was made public. Courtesy of NRO… Allahpundit noticed problem number one, from the New […]

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The Lies of Benghazi

by Steve MacDonald May 3, 2014
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Benghazi was a cluster and Obama should have paid a political price for it, but the media never pressed it and he never had to suffer.  But four people died, and the entire affair is a poster child for this administration; rule one–how do we spin this so we don’t look bad? As to the […]

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The Democrat Party War on Truth

by Steve MacDonald April 16, 2014
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Just wanted to remind everyone that as the IRS scandal begins to unravel some more–Lerner, Cummings, OFA, etc–we need to remember the lefts admonition early on about “a few rouge IRS agents in Cincinnati.” They lied about that, just like they lied about left-wing groups being targeted. They lie a lot, those Democrats in leadership, […]

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The obligatory post: Sebelius resigns

by Skip April 11, 2014

At that level of any organization, one never knows in looking from the outside in and bottom up whether is was pre-ordained, self-determined, or “quit or be fired”.  In any case, HHS Secretary Sebelius has handed in that resignation.  $700 million and four years for a website that still doesn’t work (front end mostly, but […]

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That Ranking Oversight Committee Democrat? Now linked with Lois Lehrner

by Skip April 10, 2014

“Elijah Cummings and Lois Lehrner sitting in a tree…” – OK, maybe only in a political sense.  It is clear that we know that the IRS became politically weaponized against Conservative groups but who knew that the main Democrat who was supposed to provide non-partisan oversight was actually in cahoots with Lois Lerner!  Steve wrote […]

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Gun Grabber version of the Second Amendment

by Skip March 22, 2014

Do I break Godwin’s Law right off the bat when I say “we have the children”?  I rail all the time that a lot of the problems here in the US are due to our bad educational system and the huge lack knowledge by Americans, especially those in school, about how our style of Government […]

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“Delay the law. That’s not going to happen as long as I’m president.”

by Steve MacDonald March 19, 2014
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This Saturday we’re going to have Phil Kerpen on GrokTALK! to discuss the ‘Settled Law’ that is ObamaCare.  Yeah, that’s actually a joke now. On September 26th, 2013 the President said, “Delay the law.  That’s not going to happen as long as I’m president.” Um, yeah, actually… is. The press secretary, the head of HHS, […]

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Jeanne Shaheen is really calling Scott Brown Obscene? Forked Tongue!

by Skip March 14, 2014

Ah yes, that VAUNTED Democrat value called “Civility”!  Jeanne Shaheen called for it here: …During an informal bipartisan get-together we hosted earlier this week for our women colleagues in the Senate, there was unanimous agreement that members of both parties need to put politics aside and act in the best interests of our country….Washington could […]

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Why Harry Reid Says The Ads are Lies….

by Steve MacDonald March 10, 2014
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Senator Harry Reid had announced that because AFP recorded and broadcast the stories of some folks who are having a hard time after the implementation of ObamaCare that they cannot possibly be true. Harry Reid is calling everyday American’s with Cancer, or Lupus, adults, children, even single mom’s, liars because if it were him, if […]

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Granite State Progress Speaks (Lies) On HB1589

by Rick Olson February 9, 2014

“A charlatan makes obscure what is clear; a thinker makes clear what is obscure.” —Hugh Kingsmill (British writer and critic. 1889-1949) Below is an email sent to legislators by Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress. (Response is at the bottom) My name is Zandra Rice Hawkins and I am the executive director of Granite […]

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Gun Prohibition from a Cuban who was told the same thing: “don’t worry” – by Marxist Fidel Castro

by Skip February 9, 2014

Progressivism highly depends on one item – a lack of education in history.  Without a firm foundation of what and WHY something has happened in the past, well, you can say anything you want, even lies, in misleading people.  Why?  They have no idea on how to respond to that lie.  For this guy, Manual […]

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Say it with me – “Primary”!

by Susan Olsen February 6, 2014
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HB 1589: A Means To An End

by Rick Olson January 22, 2014

“There are three kinds of falsehoods: Lies, damned lies and statistics” —Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour Clearly, we have a problem when legislators continue to find ways to incrementally chip away at our second amendment rights. But this bill is just a bit more insidious than what folks saw here today. HB 1589 […]

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519 “Well Sourced” Examples of Barrack Obama’s Lying, Corruption, Law-Breaking, and Cronyism

by Steve MacDonald January 20, 2014

Someone, bless their heart, has compiled a well-sourced (their words) list of 519 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, corruption, law-breaking and cronyism. I am posting it as is with the understanding that it may take me days or even weeks to go through it, if I ever do manage to get through it. I encourage […]

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