GrokTALK! – Can We Save New Hampshire!

by Steve MacDonald October 8, 2014
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Anarchists, Conservatives, Boris and Natasha viss Moose und Squirrel, government “drug” money,  Big L vs Small L Libertarians, differentiating government from the country, why libertarians should infiltrate the Democrat party, and what should we expect from an ex-president Obama?  We also squeeze in borders, Ebola, pissing off the CIA, the need for another peaceful change […]

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And in the Free Town of Grafton…a story of abuse of small-town government power

by Tim Condon April 15, 2013

A month or two ago I blogged about those magnificent small-government activists of Grafton, New Hampshire. That was when an alliance…

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As Glenn Reynolds says, ‘Heh’

by Susan Olsen March 8, 2013

Via Instapundit: “This is probably why John McCain and Lindsay Graham have their panties in a wad: Rand Paul filibuster energizes Tea Party against GOP establishment.” Meanwhile, seen on Facebook:

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Silver Circle, the Movie

by Tim Condon March 5, 2013

I believe the very first showing of this extraordinary movie was in the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire. The people who worked on creating it have attended the Free State Project’s Porcupine Freedom Festival every year. Great artists. Even greater political truth-tellers. Hercules movie star and LA truth-teller Kevin Sorbo has worked […]

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Stupidity, Civility, And The Continued Assault on Free Staters

by Steve MacDonald December 27, 2012

This was originally part of my previous post on pull quotes I found amusing but turned into something else that would have distracted from the previous post being purposefully short and the other quotes getting a shot a some discussion. … In the Union Leader article,  “Free State Movement Not Embraced by All Granite Stater’s” […]

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We let Democrats define the terms of our defeat

by Carolyn November 13, 2012

When Democrats set the terms of the 2012 campaign for state and federal offices, Republican leaders blew their horns about jobs and the economy and counted on their position of strength and the glaring weaknesses in their enemy’s lines to secure victory. Republicans lost because they forgot to tell the troops about the Democratic weaknesses. […]

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Libertarians – some might be the “Cloward-Pivens of the Right this election”?

by Skip November 5, 2012

This may not sit well…. Actually, what I wrote below I did before stumbling on this: “The Cloward – Pivens of the Right” where the topic is about a Libertarian that will be voting for Johnson and will not even consider a vote against Obama: The fact that his vote might end up causing Romney […]

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Romney versus the libertarians? Here’s where I stand.

by Tim Condon November 5, 2012

Well, well, it seems that a last-minute storm has been brewed up by my posting about libertarians who are refusing to vote for Romney tomorrow. You can see it—and the video that prompted the posting—HERE. That caused quite a bit of reaction, both here and on Facebook, which in turn caused Grokster Skip Murphy to […]

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FaceBook Doodlings: Libertarians & Free Staters: let me amplify what Tim said about Tuesday

by Skip November 4, 2012

Tim put up this post, urging movement Libertarians to consider how they’d be voting on Tuesday: If you are a libertarian, or if you are a Free Stater, or if you just believe in limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility…. David Mamet, the famed playwright that was hard Left and just veered Right after […]

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If you are a libertarian, or if you are a Free Stater, or if you just believe in limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility….

by Tim Condon November 3, 2012

…and you plan on voting for anyone other than Mitt Romney—or if you plan on not voting at all, on principle—then please watch this video.   —Tim Condon

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Life, No Matter How Inconvenient….Matters

by Steve MacDonald October 18, 2012

Bill Maher has done us a great service.  He has spoken the truth.  He has uttered a core “value” of the left, one that goes back more than a century. “I do believe in more DNA testing. My motto is let’s kill the right people. I’m pro-choice, I’m for assisted suicide, I’m for regular suicide, […]

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A reply to a commenter on Steve’s “About All that Ron Paul business…”

by Skip September 21, 2012

which can be found here concerning the RNC, delegates, Ron Paul speaking / not speaking, nomination, and the like.  His problem was not with Ron Paul but with his supporters.  I concur (having had to deal with nastiness of some even back in 2008).  So he (and I) expected some commenters in opposition and our […]

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As the culture turns: What is cool? (Hint: It ain’t liberals and modern liberalism….)

by Tim Condon June 21, 2012

This from Roger Simon at PJ Media, who collars those who still think modern liberalism (aka statism) is cool. It’s not, and hasn’t been for some time. Everyone with the proverbial IQ above room temperature has come to the same conclusion. While that’s interesting, what is far more interesting is the political cohort that Simon fingers as […]

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WMUR Closeup for 6/10/2012: in which NH Rep David Hess decides to widen the chasm in the Republican Party by insulting it on TV

by Skip June 10, 2012

Unbelievable – do the Establishment Republicans feel THAT secure that Hess can openly insult NH Seth Cohn on TV – and all those that ascribe to many of the same stances?  I am sorely wishing to violate my own standards to use a four letter Yiddish word that ends in “z” – but I shan’t […]

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In A Van Jones Down By The River

by Steve MacDonald April 3, 2012

Van Jones.  Saying stuff just to say it.  Like, “Libertarians hate Brown folk, Gays, and Lesbians.”  Yeah, right.   Not. Did he say ‘Brown Folk?’  Who the hell still talks like that?  

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Email Doodlings – Libertarians HAVE finally made a political impact – are they about to throw it away?

by Skip March 11, 2012

I’ve been in a writing funk for a while now – too many targets, no focus, trying to run for re-election in my town, a couple of other projects, and I find myself stretched too thin (yeah, self-induced again).  However, the following came over the gunwales a few minutes ago, and the fog (smog?) that […]

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“The debate in the Republican Party should be between the conservatives and the libertarians.”

by Tim Condon February 10, 2012

So says Sen. Jim DeMint, and he’s right. Here’s why Republicans must become more libertarian.

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Libertarian View Of the Republican Party

by Steve MacDonald January 10, 2012

I find this both accurate and amusing.

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