Obama: always ready to lay blame for his inadequacies – elsewhere

by Skip January 15, 2017

From Breitbart, we see that one thing has not changed during President Whiny Pants’s term in office – he’s never to blame (emphasis  mine): On Friday’s broadcast of “Dateline NBC,” outgoing President Barack Obama reflected on his past eight years and why he was unable to accomplish as much as he had set out to […]

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One Child Left Behind

by Steve MacDonald February 22, 2016
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MoveOn Holding Pro-Iran Diplomacy or War Vigil in Milford NH Tomorrow

by Steve MacDonald September 9, 2015
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  Tomorrow there is a pro Iran treaty gathering in Milford, New Hampshire. Milford is a plucky berg, way down on the list of likely targets when the people who have sworn to destroy us get the means for their motivation. So what a great place to gather to prevent WAR! This is it. After […]

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And this will be Obama’s legacy

by Skip February 19, 2015

Self-absorbed, narcissistic as the world burns   (H/T: Instapundity)

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Teri Norelli’s Proudest Moment – Stranding NH Taxpayers With Massive Unfunded Entitlement

by Steve MacDonald November 30, 2014
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Soon to be former NH House Speaker Teri Norelli’s (D- Taxenspend) greatest achievement could have been leaving New Hampshire with an $800 million dollar structural deficit.  It was a huge hole, intentionally created with irresponsible spending, budgetary gymnastics (fraud), and one-time money, meant to force consideration of a broad based tax.  But the Republican majority […]

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Blogline of the Day – Bush or Obama: who brought what to Iraq?

by Skip June 15, 2014

“George Bush Brought Democracy to Iraq – Barack Obama Brought ISIS” – Jim Hoft Unlike Democrats & Progressives that constantly whine about “settled law so shut up!” (when Republicans attempt to undo Democrat law, but then say “I WON” when they repeal Republican laws)and “settled science so shut up!” (“the glaciers are burning due to global […]

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Data Point – Obama’s legacy of unemployment: 1 in 6 adult males out of work

by Skip June 1, 2014

10 Million-Men-In-Prime-Working-Years-Are-Simply-Not-Working This is like the inflation rate – it seems stable but since the Federal government removed gas prices and food prices, it presents a picture to ordinary Americans that things are better than what they really are. A true measure of unemployment is not the U3 rate but the U6 rate with includes […]

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The obligatory post: Sebelius resigns

by Skip April 11, 2014

At that level of any organization, one never knows in looking from the outside in and bottom up whether is was pre-ordained, self-determined, or “quit or be fired”.  In any case, HHS Secretary Sebelius has handed in that resignation.  $700 million and four years for a website that still doesn’t work (front end mostly, but […]

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We should never forget this

by Susan Olsen October 30, 2013

H/T Bearing Arms

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Obama’s Legacy?

by Skip September 30, 2013

Americans, Presidents and others, who have done their jobs well, have become famous for that, and honored after their deaths?  Their faces on our currency: President Obama?

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The Legacy Of An American President

by Rick Olson July 2, 2013

“Forced Success is not success at all. It’s Scientology.” —Unknown

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Gregory Hicks Supported Hillary and Obama

by Steve MacDonald May 12, 2013

According to his attorney, one of the men “speaking truth to power” on Benghazi (Gregory Hicks) is a registered Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary, then later voted for Barack Obama.  Twice. And why wouldn’t he be?  He was the deputy chief of mission in Libya before Chris Stevens was executed by […]

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Notable Quote – Thomas Paine

by Skip November 15, 2012

Another thought worth remembering; Thomas Paine wrote in his Revolutionary pamphlet, The American Crisis: “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” […]

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