Left wing


by Susan Olsen January 3, 2013

  I had the great pleasure of meeting John O’Sullivan at St. Anselm’s earlier this year when he gave a talk about women in politics.  His years serving as Margaret Thatcher’s senior aide give him some authority with which to speak on the matter of women and politics but I had no idea that he […]

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Why “Green” Energy?

by Steve MacDonald December 26, 2012

If you wanted to bring western civilization down, give it a good beating for all its so-called malfeasance, what better way than to make it near impossible to sustain the things that made being a western civilization all it was cracked up to be? Consider that which makes us or any of our allies any […]

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White Meat Equals Racism

by Steve MacDonald November 27, 2012

In case you didn’t know it having a preference for white meat at Thanksgiving makes you a racist. Warner Todd Huston, on Breitbart, has an entertaining piece about the rantings of one Ron Rosenbaum at Slate, who makes the case that white bread, the other white meat (Pork), and even a preference for white Turkey […]

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All We Need Now Is The Stained Blue Dress

by Steve MacDonald October 26, 2012

If you just arrived from another planet to observe US election politics you’d think that Democrats lie to women about how much they care about equality (to get their votes) all the while treating them helpless sex objects. Message from Democrats to women.  You is our bi****s. Sandra Fluke, pimped as a hapless gal with […]

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