Lee Stranahan

Michigan Right To Work…Voters Set The Stage

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2012

Lee Stranahan has a nice Graphic that gives us a view of how voters in Michigan sent a signal to their state representatives. In a state Obama won easily by 9 points, a ballot measure to make collective barging a constitutional right in that state failed by 15 points.  Stranhan suggests that the confluence of […]

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BlogBurst: The Psychopathic (Leftist) Evil That Stacy McCain is Exposing

by Mike May 25, 2012

Stacy is getting lots of help in his quest to expose the evil of Brett Kimberlin, including this video by Lee Stranahan, and exposure of the story by Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, and many others. On Friday, Lee Stranahan is encouraging an Everybody Blog Brett Kimberlin day – to ensure that he is thoroughly exposed […]

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